Alexis Blades

Database Manager

Alexis Blades is ABFE’s Database Manager. A Los Angeles native, Alexis appreciates the diversity this culturally rich city offers. She enjoys learning about traditions from other cultures. Her zest for experiences and passion for helping people led her to volunteer for the Peace Corps. Alexis lived two years in Uganda, in the Kakiri Village. (they grow the best mangos you will ever eat)

Alexis believes everyone has a superpower. On the path to discovering her own superpower, she received a bachelor’s degree with honors, became a world-traveler and found her way into the world of data. Although Alexis is still discovering her superpower, her desire to improve racial equity, influence social change and diversity (especially in data) has led her to ABFE. Her goal is to help ABFE fulfill its mission and promise to philanthropy in Black communities.
Outside of the office her children, wellness, family, and friends are her favorites.


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