Jamani Ashé 

Manager of Networks and Partnerships

Jamani is ABFE’s Manager of Networks and Partnerships. She is an Afro-Indigenous, Queer, community organizer, network weaver, and social change strategist who has committed her life’s work to advancing Black liberation, decolonial healing and abolitionist praxis. For the last decade, Jamani has organized the frontlines of struggles against policing, imprisonment, state surveillance, and environmental racism. She has worked with numerous non-profits, foundations and grassroots organizations across California, Georgia, and New Jersey to shift material conditions for people most vulnerable to interpersonal and state-sanctioned violence.

Jamani loves spending time outdoors and is passionate about building practical skills for outdoor preparedness and climate resiliency. In her free time she loves to connect with the elements, make herbal medicine, and leads camping trips and healing outdoor experiences for Black folks.

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