ABFE’s Latest Blog: Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month 2023

ABFE’s Latest Blog: Celebrating Black Philanthropy Month 2023

Embracing the Essence of Black Philanthropy:

Honoring ABFE’s 52-Year Journey and

the Power of Community and Collaboration



This August, ABFE is excited to celebrate Black Philanthropy Month! We firmly believe in the transformative impact of philanthropy, especially when it is fueled by a commitment to racial equity and social justice. Our network of members and partners continues to be a driving force in our mission to empower Black communities across the country.


As we reflect on past achievements and look forward to the future, we are reminded of the tremendous strides we have made together. For over 50 years ABFE has served as passionate pokers and tireless pushers, relentlessly moving the needle of philanthropic action and equity for the betterment of Black communities. This Black Philanthropy Month  ABFE will spotlight philanthropists, Black community funds, Black giving circles, Connecting Leaders Fellowship Alumni, Black Philanthropic leaders, and foundations who have firmly committed to supporting Black communities and share their efforts in reshaping narratives, confronting inequitable systems, and fostering lasting impact.


ABFE drives philanthropic action and equity through transformative initiatives, uniting advocacy, community, and culture. Together, we create lasting footprints and sow seeds of investment for the next generation of philanthropic leaders by leveraging our resources and extensive networks to influence policies and create holistic solutions prioritizing the empowerment of Black professionals and communities. 


As we embark on this special month of celebration and action, let us remember that this is long-haul work. Let us continue to be bold and intentional in our giving, recognizing that when we invest in Black communities, we are investing in a brighter and more just future for all. Together, we are building a legacy of positive change that will benefit generations to come.


Every month at ABFE is a celebration of Black Philanthropy.


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