Dallas, TX

Chief Operating Officer, Advocates for Community Transformation

The Organization

Advocates for Community Transformation (Act) is a Christian, place-based, justice organization that exists to make stronger and safer neighborhoods a normal reality for everyone. It carries out this vision by empowering residents living in high-crime areas to stop illegal activity on their streets using the civil justice system.

Position Overview

During this pivotal time of growth, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) will have the responsibility to develop operational processes that will guide all organizational functions. Act has a current annual organizational budget of $3.9 million with 39 full-time positions. Act’s 36-month plan will grow that budget to $6.4 million with 65 full-time staff by the end of 2025.

Working closely with the Founder and CEO, Reid Porter, the COO will translate the organizational vision into clearly defined procedures and Key Performance Indicators.

As an Integrator, the COO will enhance the Act ecosystem, creating synergy across all team functions including programs, development, marketing and communications, finance, human resources, and administration.

The COO’s charge is to translate the Act vision and growth plans by leveraging organizational accomplishments, including the resolution of more than 225 cases. Building on the sustainable framework to create safety and peace by reducing crime-infested properties, the mission can expand and scale. Over the next 36 months, Act will saturate Dallas and Fort Worth with its model and tackle 12% of the known drug houses by representing and empowering an additional 200 families, doubling the number of full-time employees, and launching a national model. The goal is to demonstrate to other major cities the efficacy of the Act model.

The COO will be responsible for executing Act’s newly created 36-month plan, and innovatively bringing strategy and alignment around scaling the organization. With a proven ability to inspire, manage and nurture high-performing teams, the COO will define and develop a supportive, people-first, fun, and sustainable operational culture during this significant period of growth.

Read the full Leadership Profile here: https://bit.ly/ActCOO

How To Apply

For immediate consideration or to suggest a prospect, please email ACTCOO@BoardWalkConsulting.com or call Cynthia Moreland, John Sparrow, or Lysondra Somerville at 404.262.7392.

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