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< !-- See references for a Existing event Registration FORMS below. can we customize for multiple events? To be researched. Need to consider Smart Phone Responsive issues (Constant Contact has a link for Mobile View / desktop View. The next three examples seem to load automatically in Smart phone.. -- >

Constant Contact Form (easiest and best for events with limited programming) – VIEW

Regonline Form (This form type has been used for all of ABFE’s conferences up until 2013) – VIEW

Note: Did not really like this product. A little complicated, but it worked. ABFE established an account with this company before my time and we continued to use it.

Event Expresso – Developer event registration software with wordpress plug in (I considered this customization for my own company) – VIEW

We are currently using the following customized form for the 2014 annual conference in partnership with ABFE’s joint affinity group (I do not care for the esthetics) – VIEW

Check out the setup for ABFE’s 2013 conference website that I am hoping we model, if we decide to move in the direction of customized form.


Note: Registration page is down because the conference is over. However, it linked to the regonline form which took folks away from the conference registration website, which I do not like.

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