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The Organization

About Cinereach

Cinereach is a film foundation, production company, and film financier. Over the last 15 years, Cinereach has established itself as a leader in the film world with beautiful, captivating, and award-winning films. As one of the few artist-friendly production houses in the landscape, we understand the value of bold vision, innovation in storytelling, and calculated, values-aligned risks necessary to challenge the status quo and pioneer new media models. From over 200 films financed, to our Artist Fellowships, Independent Producer Awards, and Organizational Support, we have long served as a leading foundation in the independent film space.

Cinereach is growing into a strategy-informed media incubator that will strategically address some of the world’s most important and challenging problems. By bridging our thought leadership and industry influence with effective, entertaining storytelling and an exceptional community of creative collaborators, we will fundamentally reposition media’s role in creating cultural impact, inspiring systems transformation, and influencing and impacting sustainable change.

As we fine-tune and expand our focus as a content company that effectively serves cultural imperatives, we continue to use innovative programmatic tools to produce and leverage content that positions our society to achieve a more just and equitable future. Today, we have expanded our offerings to include:

• Strategy Program: Utilizing a collaborative, systems thinking process — and working with a multidisciplinary external advisory “Strategy Council” — this program will map the cultural and narrative challenges in key focus issue areas (sustainability, justice, and pluralism) and to identify hypotheses for high-impact storytelling. The strategy group delivers these hypotheses to the two creative programs (Workshops and Studio) and leads the organization’s research, testing, and learning functions.

• Workshops Program: The creative experimentation arm of Cinereach, this program assembles and facilitates bespoke workshops to develop original creative concepts and prototypes specific to strategic hypotheses coming out of the strategy group. It collaborates with the measurement and learning staff to test and iterate these concepts.

• Studio Program: As the production arm of Cinereach, this program will develop, produce, acquire, and sell films, TV series, and digital series projects– focusing on delivering shows and content aligned with the strategies tested in the Workshops program.

Now Cinereach is seeking a CEO- the organization’s first- to lead us through this process of transformation and intentional impact. As we position ourselves to fundamentally shift our focus toward bridging content with cultural impact, we welcome an innovative, big-picture thinker who both appreciates and values the inextricable relationship between high-quality creative content and cultural strategy. This is an extraordinary opportunity to join a highly successful organization at a moment of reimagination, growth, and possibility as we position Cinereach as an agent of change toward a more just and equitable society.

For more information on Cinereach, please visit www.cinereach.org.

Position Overview

The Opportunity

Working closely with the staff, consultants, and Board, the CEO will leverage principles of social change, cultural strategy, and systems thinking to position Cinereach to effectively produce intentional media primed to re-write harmful narratives and contribute to a more just, equitable, and inclusive community.

Though Cinereach has a 15-year history, the organization is in a start-up period of rebirth and transformation. The CEO will lead through this process to help create a new organization and body of work.

The CEO’s goals and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Set a course for achieving Cinereach’s ambitious goals and vision for driving social change, providing both inspirational vision and tactical strategy

• Lead strategic planning processes with transparency, trust, and fidelity by actively engaging internal and external perspectives, collaborators, and partners

• Develop and implement strategies that ensure that organizational goals, initiatives, and programs are executed, measured, and assessed

• Encourage a strong, transparent, forward-thinking culture that models Cinereach’s values and commitment to diversity, equity, and interdependence, and provides opportunities for all team members—at all career levels—to learn, grow, and contribute

• Provide support, mentorship, and growth for Cinereach’s highly talented and creative team

• Generate new, sustainable revenue streams by creatively and strategically leveraging new and ongoing partnerships and investments; steward those resources effectively in service of achieving Cinereach’s goals

• Grow Cinereach’s circles of influence and support by establishing and expanding key relationships and partnerships.

Candidate Profile

Who you are:

Above all, you are a highly effective leader who understands how to move an organization and team through a process of transformation. You bring vision as well as tactical execution skills. You are excited and energized by growth and you are not afraid to take risks. You are passionate about creating social change and believe deeply in the power of narrative and storytelling to achieve this change.

What you offer:

Cinereach understands that no one candidate will bring every experience outlined in the position profile and celebrates the varied and applicable experiences that shape each candidate’s perspective. The following reflects the professional and personal competencies, skills, and characteristics that we are prioritizing.

Commitment to the Mission

Leading with integrity and authenticity, you fundamentally understand the cause and effect of the content we consume and its impact on societal structures, systems, and culture. You steadfastly believe that everyone holds the potential to reimagine and rewrite fiercely-held narratives and norms, and leverage evidence-based social impact work to elevate film (and broader media) to impact cultural change.

Visionary Leadership

Entrepreneurial by nature, you strive for ambitious outcomes, communicate progress effectively and proactively, and share accountability for both challenges and success. You understand the integral role that the cultural arts play in addressing deeply rooted societal ills and that innovation in storytelling can and will create tremendous cultural impact. A seasoned strategist, you navigate complex nuances and formulate content-based solutions that merge principles of impact investing, systems thinking, and cultural strategy. You lead with transparency and purpose, fostering a collaborative organizational culture that values and inspires passion, idealism, integrity, and interdependence.

A Trusted Relationship Builder and Collaborator

Skilled at forging alliances, partnerships, and building external networks, you are a persuasive communicator who builds trust quickly and fosters collaboration and productive partnerships. A confident spokesperson and compelling storyteller, you possess a deep understanding of the current media and cultural arts landscape and effectively engage your teams, funding sources, partners, and coalitions. You have a robust understanding of the best practices in brand and marketing strategies necessary to elevate Cinereach’s industry recognition; identify, inspire, and influence new and existing partners; and foster strong, trust-based relationships with key collaborators, including staff, Board, partners, industry leaders, and funders. Most importantly, you see Cinereach as a community of contributing individuals whose work is valued and respected regardless of their seniority within the organization.

Change Competency

A skilled leader with a track record of leading cultural transformation, you thrive in evolving environments because you are innately entrepreneurial, innovative and adaptable. You embrace nuanced perspectives, exhibit intellectual and creative agility, and implement best practices necessary to both identify new opportunities and maintain high levels of relevance in the social impact space. Driven by a passion for implementing, executing, and adapting growth-oriented strategic plans, you effectively build support for change initiatives internally and externally. You are not afraid to challenge the status quo when it’s necessary to do so to effectively respond and adapt to our changing social, cultural, and industry landscape.

Lens for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access

As a leader, you understand that Cinereach flourishes at being a strategy-informed media incubator that designs, aligns, and executes programs that can and will address some of the world’s most important and challenging problems. You recognize that Cinereach is uniquely positioned to amplify its role in addressing equity-based narratives in media, filmmaking, and cultural impact. You lead by example and possess the courage to look inward and recognize that an awareness of conscious and hidden biases—both individual and collective—is a powerful catalyst for impact, action, and change. Powered by a growth-oriented mindset, you possess a strong sense of social-emotional intelligence and the skills necessary to apply inclusive and equitable practices with your team(s), partners, and community.

Compensation, Benefits & Location

Cinreach is committed to offering a competitive compensation package that reflects the candidate’s experience and skills. The final salary will be determined according to a salary scale which considers years of experience, location, job category, and other factors, but is expected to start at a base of $250,000. Cinereach’s benefits include non-contributory health coverage, 401k matching up to 4%, flexible work hours, and more.

Cinereach has historically had a New York City presence but has transitioned to a fully virtual organization. As such, the CEO can be located anywhere in the U.S., with the understanding that some travel may be some travel may be required for company events and retreats, and a physical office may be re-established if determined essential for Cinereach’s operations, in one or more locations.


Koya Partners, the executive search firm that specializes in mission-driven search, has been exclusively retained for this engagement. Molly Brennan and Malissa Brennan are leading this search. Please express interest in this role by submitting a cover letter and resume here:


Cinereach is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages applications from people of color, persons with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ+ applicants.

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