Harambee: Let’s Pull Together

April 13th-15th, 2023
Downtown/Raleigh, NC

Full-access tickets to this year’s Harambee are SOLD OUT. But you can still join us virtually. Virtual experience includes: 

  • All livestreams
  • Plenaries
  • The James A. Joseph Lecture & Awards


Artistic expression has always been important to people of African ancestry. On the Continent, music, dance, sculpture and textiles were critical to celebrate rites of passage, honor leaders and to accompany political activities. These traditions were carried through the Caribbean and to America by our ancestors. In Black America, music plays an important role in reflecting the human condition and driving social change. More recently, stories related to the Black Lives Matter movement have influenced murals on buildings around the country. Black art, in all forms, is used to tell our stories and voice our perspective.  And our stories are our strength!

As we keep our hands on these professional ploughs we amass stories that we keep and share. As we gather, we germinate strategies, we build new and broaden existing collaboratives, to tackle the persistent attacks of myriad adversaries. These attacks aren’t new. Jim Crow wears suits and judicial robes now. Thanks to our ancestors, we have an unending assortment of fables, proverbs, stories and strategies that – when we listen – provide us with the soundtracks and playbooks rich with what we need to thrive. We will intermingle our stories and our strategies throughout Harambee.


We are thrilled to highlight the importance of Black arts and culture as a tool for social change as we continue to strategize on our Call to Action on Anti-Black Racism for Philanthropy at Harambee 2023.   This event is designed to be a philanthropic “remix” of our stories and our strategies.

We will bring together our music, griots, funders and nonprofit leaders from across the diaspora to share stories and strategies for our collective betterment and our deserved liberation. Pre-conference activities begin on Wednesday, April 12, with the full conference taking place April 13th-15th.

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The views and opinions expressed at Harambee 2023 are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of ABFE: A Partnership for Black Communities


Conference Highlights

Bringing a National Racial Equity Movement to Local Black Businesses


Black Philanthropy’s Role in Building Multiracial Democracy


Finding Joy at Work


2023 James A. Joseph Lecturer and Annual Award Winners



We will follow all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and recommendations in an attempt to lessen and reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus; however, we cannot guarantee that attendees will not be exposed to the virus. By attending this event, attendees voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to Covid-19.

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