Senior Philanthropic Advisor, Glick Philanthropies; Senior Donor Engagement Officer, Central Indiana Community Foundation

The Organization


As the steward of over $925 million in charitable assets, we connect donors with causes they care about, serving as a catalyst for community change. We also make smart, strategic investments in Central Indiana by granting funds to the area’s most effective not-for-profits. Additionally, we provide leadership by convening strategic partners and investing in important causes and initiatives in both Marion and Hamilton counties in Indiana.

Our mission is to mobilize people, ideas and investments to make this a community where all individuals have equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity.

This commitment to equity not only drives our work in the community but is also at the core of our workplace culture. We are committed to learning more about the history of systemic racism and identifying ways in which we can dismantle any system designed to hold people back—in both our work and our personal lives.


Glick Philanthropies is a family of charitable initiatives, programs and organizations focused on building community and creating opportunity. Together, Glick Philanthropies strives to strengthen the quality of life in central Indiana and in communities where Gene B. Glick Company properties are located to ensure that people in those local communities can reach their full potential and lead lives of dignity. Glick Philanthropies includes the Glick Family Foundation, Glick Housing Foundation, Glick Fund at Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), and Glick Fund at the Jewish Federation of Greater Indianapolis (JFGI). Since 1982, Glick Philanthropies has awarded over $235 million to charitable causes and has led a transformative effort to improve education and economic opportunity on Indianapolis’ far eastside where the Gene B. Glick Company was originally headquartered.

Position Overview


Provide premier senior philanthropic counsel to the Glick Fund at CICF, including grantmaking, issue education, strategy and analysis.

  • Support Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Facilitate grantmaking strategy meetings
    • Conduct briefings on community issues and opportunities as requested
    • Support strategic planning retreats and strategic plan development for Glick Philanthropies.
    • Lead and counsel Glick advisors on equity, including systemic racism, and how it intersects with grantmaking and philanthropy.
  • Manage the grantmaking process for the Glick Fund at CICF
    • Source grant applications based on Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Perform grant applications assessments (approximately 50 to 75 assessments per year) and assemble grant review material
    • Facilitate grant committee review meetings (6 to 12 meetings per year: three committees; 1 to 4 grant review meetings per year per committee
  • Manage not-for-profit inquiries and grantee communications in Central Indiana
    • Manage all nonprofit inquiries and grantee communications (250 to 500 inquiries per year; approximately 5 to 10 inquires per week)
    • Evaluate inquiry fit against Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Extend proposal concept invitation; extend invitations to submit a full application based on fit with Glick Philanthropies impact priorities
    • Communicate grant application decisions to applicants
    • Promptly answer questions from grantees in Central Indiana
  • Monitor grants and evaluate grant impact for the Glick Fund at CICF
    • Manage the grantee reporting process
    • Manage grantee reporting and payments for matching grants
    • Evaluate the performance and impact of individuals grants
  • Lead and counsel Glick advisors on equity, including systemic racism, and how they intersect with the Glick Fund’s grantmaking and philanthropy.
  • Represent Glick Philanthropies at collaborative tables
    • Represent Glick Philanthropies at collaboratives that align with Glick Philanthropies priorities (examples include: Arts Funders, Education Funders, Indy CoC, Central Indiana Human Service Funders, etc.)
    • Provide briefings on collaboratives and offer strategies for Glick Philanthropies to leverage human and financial resources for impact
  • With director of community leadership, design and implement strategies to advance Far Eastside Success Initiative goals
    • Design, implement and manage resident and community engagement strategy
    • Represent Glick Philanthropies at Far Eastside collaboratives
    • Facilitate new collaboratives as gaps are identified
  • Provide comprehensive support to the TeenWorks Scholarship Fund and the Glick scholarships and education awards (Gene and Marilyn Glick Scholarship Fund and the Gene B. Glick Company Education Awards)
  • Providing comprehensive support to the Glick Gives Fund; a Glick employee charitable contribution matching fund

Willing consider candidates willing to relocate to Central Indiana.

  • With CICF marketing and communications department, actively manage the Glick Fund at CICF webpages, provide public relations and communications support as needed.

2.     Serve as advisor to individual Glick family funds at CICF.

3.     Manage a small portfolio of mid-level engagement fundholders by supporting grants and gifts, and providing administrative support.

How To Apply

Apply via the CICF Website.

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