New York, NY

Director, Rights Faith & Democracy Collaborative (RFDC), Proteus Fund

The Organization

RFDC formed in 2016 as a philanthropic collaboration designed to respond to a spate of attempts by state policymakers and the courts to legalize the misuse of religious liberty claims in order to discriminate against the LGBTQ community; limit reproductive freedom; and impose a white Christian Nationalist worldview into law under the guise of religious freedom. RFDC grantees lead efforts to advance protections; disrupt and defeat repressive state measures; rally stakeholders; accelerate faith organizing in coordination with LGBTQ and reproductive justice movements; maintain the separation of church and state; and develop a unifying narrative that reclaims religious freedom as a progressive value. To these ends, the RFDC supports state-based, cross-movement work to combat religion’s weaponization and its harmful impact on LGBTQ equality, reproductive justice, and other rights, all in service of an inclusive, representative democracy.

Since 2008, RFDC has granted over $4 million and further supports its grantees as well as dozens of other groups and advocates through non-grantmaking programming. Our annual grantmaking budget is approximately $2.25 million.

Position Overview

The Program Director reports to the Proteus Fund Vice President of Programs (VPP). Critically, they work with funding partners, both foundations and individual donors, to rally philanthropic support for the cutting-edge issues addressed by the Collaborative. They are responsible for working closely with RFDC grantees and potential grantees as well as the broader field to support a wide range of innovative and effective work to advance RFDC’s objectives. They work closely with funder partners as a group to keep them updated on key issues in the field; as well as on key philanthropic developments relating to the work; and work collaboratively with them to shape strategy for the work of the collaborative.

They also manage and provide strategic vision, direction, and management for the RFDC team, which includes a development consultant and a program consultant. They are a part of the Senior Program Team which includes among others the Program Directors of Proteus Fund’s other donor collaboratives who meet regularly to develop strong grant making and field support practices, and exchange ideas on advancing social justice in their respective fields. They also work regularly with all of the departments and units at Proteus Fund, including Grants Management, Donor Services, Finance, and Operations.

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