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The Organization

The Andrus Family Fund (The Fund) believes that every young person deserves more than one chance at a successful life. For over 30 million young people, their first chance was compromised by adults and systems that didn’t always serve their best interests. We partner with organizations across the country that connect young people to caring communities, proven services and teach vital skills. Yet we know that for this work and to have an impact it cannot happen just at the individual level – that’s why we also work with local and national partners to make sure communities are equipped with the tools and knowledge that support the well-being of our most vulnerable young people.

Our approach is straightforward and laser focused: We support organizations whose work directly connects youth to the people and services they need to become self-sustaining adults. We commission research that helps identify what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating sustainable change in young people’s lives. We work closely with our grantees to advance and advocate for programs and policies that are proven to put youth on a path to a successful and sustainable future and we support organizations that utilize community organizing as a tool to remove barriers and create social change. Though legally a sub-fund of the Surdna Foundation (parent foundation) AFF operates autonomously with a highly engaged Board and has an independent reputation for its innovative grantmaking programs. The Fund has an annual grantmaking budget of $4 million. Please visit the AFF site to learn more about the Fund’s approach.

Position Overview

Community Board Member Opportunity:

For the first time in its history the Andrus Family Fund (AFF) is seeking Community Board members to join its Board of Directors. To better live and fulfill its mission of social justice and racial equity the Andrus Family Fund is looking to bring on non-family Community Board members to its Board of Directors. The Fund’s Board and staff believe that this is an important step so that the entire institution can better represent what will soon be the new American majority and is looking to build a diverse, inclusive and equitable Board of Directors. Established as a next generation learning opportunity for extended Andrus Family members between the ages of 25-45 to learn and become involved in organized philanthropy, the fund is excited to bring this opportunity to non-family members. Though the Fund has not had non-family Board members it has long been committed to building leadership in the communities it works in and serves. Inviting community board members to join is a natural extension of its social justice values. The Fund is looking for three (3) Community Board members who will understand and share in the belief of a small, innovative and nimble foundation to impact change in its core areas. The fund uses its convening power and its leadership as well as its grantmaking to address and influence inequity in the communities that it works with.

The Andrus Family Fund is deeply committed to inclusive leadership across the board, staff and its key consultants. Because the fund is thinly staffed there is often great collaboration between the Board, staff and key consultants and board members have strong relationships with staff members often joining in site visits when possible and conferences to maintain firsthand engagement with the work.

The Board meets three times a year in person and works virtually throughout the year on program and other committees. There is no direct compensation for serving on the AFF Board though travel, meals during meetings and hotel expenses are covered.

First Year’s Community Board Member Priorities:

Board members are trustees who act on behalf of the Andrus Family Fund’s constituents, grantees, the extended Andrus Family, and its Philanthropies. The Board of Directors has the principal responsibility for fulfillment of AFF’s mission and, with guidance from the Surdna Foundation (its parent foundation), the legal accountability for its operations. The Andrus Family Fund Board has the dual purpose of engaging the extended family in organized philanthropy and exploring and implementing effective grantmaking strategies.

During the first year of Board Service, the Community Board member will be expected to:

• Become familiar with the Fund’s grantmaking strategies, grant guidelines and theories of change.

• Participate in governance and contribute to the planning, execution and operationalization of the Fund’s theory of change and approach to grantmaking.

• Contribute and apply current subject matter and field expertise to an ongoing analysis of the Andrus Family Fund lines of work; develop the ability to communicate about the work well.

• Begin to understand the present finances, leadership, and challenges of the current grantees.

• Begin to develop and leverage relationships with key internal and external colleagues, (individual and institutional) to bring forth their best ideas and efforts to inform the work of the Andrus Family Fund’s program areas.

Basic Responsibilities of the Andrus Family Fund Board:

• Help the organization continue to live and if necessary refine its mission and purpose and ensure that the program areas and strategies are reflective of that mission and purpose.

• Ensure effective program and grantmaking planning, and assist in the implementation, monitoring, and strengthening of AFF’s programs.

• Ensure financial solvency of the organization within the allotted organizational and grantmaking budget as determined by the Surdna Board.

• Interpret and represent the organization to the community at large.

Ideal Attributes and Experience:

• Be between the ages of 25-45

• The Community Board member/s will deeply believe in principles of social justice and will be excited by the approach, mission, and vision of the Andrus Family Fund. They will be a bold thinker, an avid learner and someone that can reimagine the role that philanthropy can play in the world.

• Bring a diversity of experience and expertise in the areas that AFF funds and cares about. While we care about both experience and expertise we believe that it comes in many forms such as lived experience with and in the issues, that we work on.

• We value a strong record of achievement and relevant experience in the non-profit, public, or private sector. A minimum of 10 years in either the work that AFF focuses on and/or interdisciplinary experience that can bring a fresh perspective to the Board is preferred. Excellent strategic thinking and planning skills.

• Substantive knowledge of the fields and issues related to at least one of AFF’s Program areas (youth, transitioning youth from foster care, juvenile justice, social justice and/or racial equity).

• Energetic, flexible, self-starting team player with a direct, honest, and respectful approach to problem solving, and ability to foster collaboration and contribute to a strong sense of community among staff and board.

• Embody humility, wisdom great listening skills and good judgment. Intellectual rigor and a good sense of humor. S/he will demonstrate sensitivity to the dynamics of a multigenerational family philanthropy and can partner effectively with other Board members and staff. An appetite for and competence for work with diverse communities across race, class, ethnic, political and geographic boundaries.

The candidate cannot be an employee or current Board member of any of the Andrus Family Fund’s grantee partners. The Andrus Family Fund is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly encourage members of underrepresented and historically marginalized communities to apply.

How To Apply

Please send a thoughtful cover letter, outlining your interest, experience and potential fit as an Andrus Family Fund Community Board member along with a resume/CV to our careers website:

No phone calls please.

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