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About ABFE
ABFE is a membership-based philanthropic organization that advocates for responsive and transformative investments in Black communities. Partnering with foundations, nonprofits, and individuals, ABFE provides its members with professional development and technical assistance resources that further the philanthropic sector’s connection and responsiveness to racially equitable practices equity, diversity and inclusion.

Position Overview

Signature Convenings Overview Harambee (Annual Conference) – April – Three and a half day event for approximately 500 attendees. It’s literal translation in Swahili is “all pull together”. This is the nation’s largest gathering of Black professionals in philanthropy. This conference ABFE presents its members, stakeholders and partners a multi-day agenda, aimed at increasing public and private investments in Black communities. From its inception, ABFE has served to be a vehicle for leveraging resources for the betterment of Black communities. Harambee features signature events off-site programming, exhibit space, site sessions (off property learning experiences and virtual tools to support the event and create a solid experience for attendees. Connecting Leaders Fellowship Program (CLFP) Leadership Retreat – October or November – Five-and-a-half-day event for about 20 participants (mix of Cohort, staff & consultants). CLFP is a year-long experience designed to sharpen the skills and strengthen the leadership capacity of foundation staff, donors, and trustees who are committed to assisting Black through philanthropy. Fellows have the opportunity to learn from seasoned Grantmakers and peers on a regular basis, understand how to be more effective agents for change within their institutions, and participate in a network that focuses on innovative solutions to community challenges. The Fellowship begins with a week-long Leadership Summit in a designated host city, which includes local site sessions, workshops, community 2 dining and networking experiences. Women in Philanthropy – June/July or August – Two and a half day event for 50-75 attendees. The Women in Philanthropy Leadership Retreat is where Black women come together around a shared belief that we cannot harness our full power and purpose without supportive spaces that renew and transform the mind, body, and spirit. This annual leadership event serves as a unique time for women leaders to nourish, heal, and network with advisors and colleagues in the field. The program features a collection of dynamic speakers set to inspire and invigorate our lives. Each retreat is uniquely designed to support and sustain the overall health and well- being of attendees as the core to leadership sustainability and development. The care and keeping of this community are critical to safeguarding the voice, activism, and humanity of Black women in the field of philanthropy.


We anticipate that the Event and Production leader/company hired for this project would begin this work by December 1, 2021 and complete this work by November, 2022. Project Management (Pre-, Onsite & Post-Event Support) Each event has specific needs and audiences. The production leader/company will work with ABFE Programs team to ensure the successful design and execution of each event. The role will include. Provide initial outline of program, analyze space needs and technical requirements for each event. • Develop & execute event timelines in partnership with ABFE programs team. • Support Hotel and sub-contractor RFP’s including interviews/site visits (when applicable) • Ideate with the team & recommend venues and space needs • Support transportation logistics • Support staff & host committee meeting agendas by supporting activities Registration Management Manage registration tasks including badge production. • Badge print production. • Coordination of on-site registration logistics • Registration Staffing Schedule, schedule volunteers and/or hire temp staff, and manage all reg. staff on site • Project management: Tote bag/Registration Kit/ Badge assembly • Shipping matrix of registration items Volunteer Coordination – pre-event (where applicable) • Identify on-site staffing needs, and build volunteer schedule prior to show. • Work with ABFE team to access list of volunteers to schedule. Field questions, manage schedule and role changes. Hotel/Venue Support/Management (as applicable for hotel or event venues) • Liaise with hotel/venue throughout projects. 3 • Help hotel/venue reps. understand projected staff room block and number of single/double rooms, comp room nights and other concessions. • Make sure the tracking process works smoothly and that all deadlines with a financial impact are clear to the team. • Liaise with hotel to deliver names/ dates for staff / speaker hotel block. • Ensure hotel room costs are optimized, avoid “no show” and other penalties. • Manage Audit process to for optimum comp room credits and future planning. • Support logistics regarding all venue logistics, including food and beverage (BEOS) needs in accordance with contracts (as applicable), • Coordinate decorations, aesthetics, furniture, etc. with property or sub-contractor (where applicable). • support coordination of shipping (in-bound and out-bound supports). • Support meetings with hotel staff, including site visits; food tastings; walk-throughs; pre-event briefings. Vendor & Sponsor Coordination/Liaison • Liaise with sponsors and exhibitors to ensure quality exhibit/sponsor experience • Develop and manage exhibit space (in-person or virtual) • Support sponsorship Strategies, goals and fulfilment VIII. Post-Event Debriefs • Plus/Delta exercise with property and ABFE team (What went well / not so well) • Recommendations for future planning PROPOSAL GUIDELINES QUALIFICATIONS – We are seeking a skilled event producer has advanced capacity to support the following: o A creative and innovative strategies to create successful events. o Experience in producing events of all sizes – from meetings to larger conferences. o Detail oriented and capable of leading and supporting as needed. o Exemplary customer service commitment. o Ability to be nimble & adapt efficiently as circumstances change. o managing complete registration processes o managing virtual convenings and skilled use of virtual tools (apps; etc.) o hotel processes, including production and room/reservation supports, o Experience working with exhibitors and sponsors o Experience working with Black/Minority owned businesses 4 Please use the following as a guide for your proposal: Maximum proposal length (including title page, cover letter, proposal, qualifications, and budget).

Please provide

1. Cover letter, which provide information about the producer/organization.
2. A detailed description of recent clients and projects as they relate to conducting similar work (or links to a portfolio).
3. A minimum of two references (with contact information) from organizations for which you have provided consulting services in the recent past.
4. Contact name, phone number, email address and mailing address of the lead staff responsible for filing the proposal.
• A narrative that describes your approach to small and large events.
• Respondents to this RFP are encouraged to recommend additional or alternative activities, if they believe they would be relevant for this project.
• A timeline and work plan for the project year.
• Designated staff/partners/subcontractors’ brief biographies/qualifications of staff/partners/subcontractors identified to provide services.
• Itemized budget, broken out for each component and each aspect of the work. Pricing information should include the basis for payment such as hourly rates and a number of estimated hours needed for each project.
• Preferred payment structure/timeline.

How To Apply

Deadline for receipt of proposals is November 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm EST. All proposals should be submitted electronically to Sheryl Wesley, Administrative Associate, Programs or Tekecha Morgan, Programs Manager Please include in the subject line: “Event Production Company for ABFE”

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