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Black philanthropy has come a long way since 1971, when ABFE’s founders staged a coup at the Council on Foundations(CoF) annual meeting, nominating James A. Joseph to the CoF board. Dr. Joseph was in turn elected as CoF’s first African American director. Since then, ABFE has grown into the premiere organization for Black philanthropy, existing at the heart of a movement of granmaking entities, donors and noprofits, who strive to improve outcomes for Black communities and the country as a whole. The field of philanthropy today is active and powerful with the influence of Black professionals, channeling much support to the communities which we strive to draw attention to, as well as foundation investment dollars. We have sought to establishing connections between professionals in the field and to have a greater impact organized philanthropy as a whole. The Black philanthropy space serves to nurture those connections and deliver timely information on what’s happening in the field of organized philanthropy, and to provide useful statistics and information on grant dollars impacting the Black community. Also, this space serves to lift up voices of foundation staff who have influenced the field.


Black Giving Matters: Q&A with Lyord Watson Jr. of Birmingham Change Fund

August 14, 2015
A series by BGB Contributor Valaida Fullwood initiated for Black Philanthropy Month 2015 and aimed at informing, inspiring and investing in philanthropic leadership.
Lyord Watson Jr. is a preacher and philanthropist who lives out his faith in the pulpit as well as in the public square….
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Giving Black Boston

April 2015
An Intimate Portrait of Black Stewardship in Boston
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Black Philanthropy Month

August 2015
ABFE Celebrates Black Philanthropy Month 2015!
August is Black Philanthropy Month! Learn more about giving augustly, yearlong at >>


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