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Managing Director, Solidago Foundation, Solidago Foundation

The Organization

Solidago is a nimble and creative philanthropic foundation that supports social justice organizations. “Solidago”, the botanical Latin term for the goldenrod plant, means, “to strengthen and make whole.” Inspired by this widespread and strong-rooted plant, the Foundation seeks non-traditional and creative approaches to deep-rooted social problems that address institutionalized disparities. Since launching its work in 1996, Solidago has promoted justice, equity, sustainability, and enfranchisement for all through its charitable grantmaking. It has joined with progressive funding partners across the country to support work for fundamental, transformational social change.

Position Overview

Solidago’s new Managing Director will have the unique opportunity to shepherd the final phase of an organization with a national reputation within progressive philanthropy for its longstanding history of funding grassroots organizing and movement building.

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