The Investment Manager Diversity Pledge


Becoming a signatory to the investment manager diversity pledge allows your organization to publicly demonstrate its commitment to diverse and inclusive investment management practices and places your organization at the heart of a community of foundations and endowments seeking to ensure a level playing field for minority and women investment managers. Your commitment acknowledges that hiring a diverse pool of quality investment managers is not contradictory to the goal of maximizing returns or fiduciary standard of care rather it demonstrates a focus on finding the best investment management talent to build wealth in communities of color and among women.

The undersigned affirms that diversity and inclusion are important values of your organization. As such, we hereby pledge the following:


  1. An organizational commitment to inclusive investment management practices.
  2. To engage our board, investment committee, staff and consultants in conversations regarding organization values and commitment to diversity and inclusion across all constituents, including investment managers.
  3. To actively engage with prospective diverse managers through conferences and introductory meetings.
  4. To share our story of developing inclusive investment practices with other foundations and investment professionals.
  5. To require transparency and accountability from our investment consultant through regular reporting of manager diversity and inclusive practices:
    • Number of diverse managers actively researched and tracked over the last year
    • Number of diverse managers recommended to all clients over the last year
    • Number of diverse managers hired by all clients over the last year
    • Improvements in inclusive sourcing, engagement and reporting practices
    • Providing constructive feedback in response to manager inquiries and/or rejections

Black Owned Investment and Asset Management Firms 2021


ASSESS your current level of manager diversity
DISCUSS with your board, investment committee, staff and consultants
COMMIT to inclusive investment practices





  • The Chicago Community Trust
  • Metta Fund
  • The Kresge Foundation
  • Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
  • The Colorado Health Foundation
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation
  • Cleveland Foundation
  • Saint Luke’s Foundation
  • Northwest Area Foundation
  • The Women’s Foundation of Colorado
  • Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico / Puerto Rico Community Foundation
  • The Commonwealth Fund
  • Connecticut Health Foundation
  • The Rockefeller Brothers Fund
  • AJL Foundation

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