Raleigh, North Carolina

Executive Director, NC Retired Governmental Employees' Association

The Organization

NCRGEA is the nation’s largest association for retired state and local governmental employees, serving over 60,000 diverse members across the state of North Carolina. The mission of NCRGEA is to be the voice and go-to resource for North Carolina’s retired public servants.

Delivering on this promise involves being a key voice and advocate for retired state and local government workers, and offering members access to benefits, discounts, programs, and services designed to improve the quality of retirement.

NCRGEA recently adopted a comprehensive three-year strategic plan aimed at increasing membership and engagement.

Position Overview

Ask yourself?

Are you a dynamic leader with demonstrated relationship building skills? Are you someone who thrives through a servant leadership style? Are you committed to developing teams and leveraging the talents of the people who work with and around you? The kind of leader who believes people are an organization’s most important asset and who knows how to build, nurture, and inspire a community internally and externally.

Are you a strategist with experience leading complex organizations serving a high-need member base? The kind of visionary strategist that sees today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities and blends them together to forge an innovative plan for growth built on data, input, and a deep understanding of member needs.

Are you passionate about advancing, promoting, and protecting the well-being of those who have dedicated their careers to the state of North Carolina?

The Board is searching for the next NCRGEA leader who can bring its strategic plan to life and drive the organization forward.

What will you do as NCRGEA’s next Executive Director?

Leadership & Organizational Operations

  • The Executive Director is the key management leader of NCRGEA and as such ensures ongoing operational excellence at the staff level.
  • Supports a strong Board of Directors and works with that Board to fulfill the mission of NCRGEA.
  • Develops resources sufficient to maintain and grow the financial health of the organization.
  • Works collaboratively with the Board to implement the NCRGEA strategic plan

Communications & Advocacy

  • Serves as the public face and champion of the Association, educating the public and policymakers on issues relating to the mission and goals of NCRGEA
  • Develops and maintains strong strategic alliances and relationships with key stakeholders and partners at the local, state, and national levels
  • Uses existing and creates new communication outlets to keep current and potential members informed of NCRGEA efforts to promote the general well-being of all retired state and local governmental public servants.

Specific job responsibilities include:

  • Creates and maintains a dynamic relationship with the Board of Directors by engaging individual board members through communications, committee meetings, and regularly scheduled board meetings along with consultations with the Executive Committee and Board President to keep all fully informed on the operations of the Association.
  • As the leader of a dynamic and diverse state-wide association, the Executive Director will seek creative ways to develop community advisory boards (CABs) in each of nine NCRGEA districts by working with Board members from those districts and other key leaders from the association membership.
  • Working through the appropriate committees and the Executive Board, formulates and recommends to the Board of Directors, for their approval, policies and programs designed to achieve the mission and goals of NCRGEA.
  • Develops administrative policies and procedures to implement directives approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Working with board committees and staff, reviews membership trends and looks for creative and innovative opportunities to grow the NCRGEA through a variety of new approaches.
  • Serving as the NCRGEA primary advocate, develops partnerships with all agencies and individuals whose activities may affect the achievement of the strategic goals of NCRGEA.
  • As the lobbying voice for NCRGEA, establishes and maintains a dynamic and strategic relationship with the leadership and members of the NC General Assembly and with leaders of county and municipal governments around the state
  • Represents the interest of NCRGEA before the Boards of both state and local governmental retirement systems, and other state policy boards.
  • In cooperation with the staff, develops a comprehensive, multi-channel communications plan, , designed to inform both the membership and the general public of NCRGEA activities
  • Working with the staff and the NCRGEA treasurer and finance committee, develops and oversees an annual budget that is both financially sound while maximizing organizational resources.
  • Ensures all funds, physical assets and other property of the Association are appropriately safeguarded and maintained.
  • Identifies, recruits, trains and lead an exceptional staff
  • Supervises and annually evaluates staff and provides overall direction as appropriate for day-to-day operations. Conducts an annual salary review of each staff member and recommends appropriate salary increases through the budget process.
  • Through membership in relevant state, regional and national organizations, engages in professional development activities while also seeking new and innovative methods to promote and build NCRGEA.

How To Apply

For a complete position profile and to apply, visit http://www.armstrongmcguire.com/jobs.

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