Climate Communications Analyst, Preston-Werner Ventures

The Organization

Title: Climate Communications Analyst

Who we are: Preston-Werner Ventures is a multidisciplinary team working together to research and fund strategic leverage points in the fight against climate change. On paper, ours is a medium-sized family foundation that makes grants and investments to its portfolio, ranging from angel investments to impact investments to progressive political contributions to philanthropic grants. We’re a distributed team, and we come together online to debate the best approaches to making the world a better place. Whether it’s debating the merits of capitalism, negotiating a political vs private investment approach, or discussing new ways to bring more diverse voices into decision making, we often find ourselves far more critical of philanthropy than perhaps would seem the norm. But we like it that way, and we’re looking to add several more voices to the team this year.

Position Overview

Who we’re looking for: someone who can help us make grants in the communications space. Our team is fascinated with the power of narrative to change hearts and minds, but we don’t have the expertise to know exactly what the most effective mediums are to make that happen. We need someone who can lead our strategy for investment in narrative projects. In this role, you’ll help us understand which approaches are backed by evidence and data and are powerful in effecting change, and which ones are not. We need someone who will go down the rabbit hole of a promising field in order to understand the ecosystem and figure out who the most effective players are. Ultimately we need someone with strong opinions (and who can point to the evidence) for why we should invest in certain types of storytelling over others.

Please apply if: you have demonstrated experience with successful grassroots media campaigns, climate communications research, or analytics of social media and other communications outlets. We’re looking for someone who can demonstrate both comfort and humility with correlation and causation. We need someone with a strong theory of change who can help us invest in communications that promote climate action and progressive politics.

Some other things to know: While we’re focused on growing our climate portfolio, we also invest heavily in public health, especially family planning. We also support progressive politics and movement building, at both the domestic and international levels. Our office is in San Francisco, but you are welcome to work from anywhere, as long as you can attend our afternoon Zoom meetings. We highly encourage diverse candidates to apply. Finally, please know that we’re a small shop, and we’re just at the beginning of our journey. We will deeply value your insight and expertise to help us build a great place to work. This may be a fulltime or part-time position depending on the needs of the successful candidate.

Compensation: We hope you will love this job because you know that every day your contributions will be felt by our team and pushed out into the world. You will have decision-making power, as opposed to being stuck somewhere deep inside an org chart. We also recognize that more traditional forms of compensation matter as well. To that end, we offer a competitive salary (commensurate with field and experience), healthcare and dental insurance, generous PTO, and all of the lively debate about how the world works and the best way to make change that you can handle.

How To Apply

Please apply here and submit a cover letter explaining how you can contribute to our team.

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