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Search Director, Aspen Leadership Group

The Organization

ALG is a national network of fundraising leaders. Through executive search and talent management consulting services, and with a focus on careers rather than on isolated job openings, ALG builds enduring and productive relationships with individuals pursuing careers in philanthropy and with leaders of organizations engaged in philanthropy. The landscape for philanthropy is changing, even as demands for fundraising revenue increase. Aspen Leadership Group supports exceptional careers in philanthropy, helping professionals see the horizon and recruit, train, retain, and inspire diverse, inclusive, and high-performing teams.

Position Overview

As Aspen Leadership Group (ALG) continues to grow, we are pleased to announce an opening for a Search Director.

ALG Search Directors lead and manage executive searches in philanthropy for higher education, healthcare, and the entire nonprofit sector, with a particular focus on building teams that report to the organization’s senior advancement leaders, including searches for positions such as associate/assistant vice president, senior director of development, director, and major gift officer.

ALG Search Directors draw on experience gained through successful careers in fundraising and nonprofit leadership, and they share that experience broadly with individuals entering and progressing in advancement careers in the nonprofit sector. ALG’s Search Directors are natural networkers who love investing in the career growth and success of colleagues and friends. They have a profound respect for philanthropy, have experience with philanthropists at all levels, and seek to strengthen the nonprofit sector through sharing that experience and focusing on supporting exceptional careers in philanthropy on a national scale. They are committed to inclusive recruiting practices and to strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the nonprofit sector.

Search directors join ALG with at least 12 years of fundraising experience including front-line fundraising experience and five or more years in a management role such as Associate/Assistant Vice President, Executive Director of Development, Senior Director/Director of Development, or Director of Major Gifts. All applications must be accompanied by a cover letter and résumé. Cover letters should be responsive to the responsibilities and preferred qualifications stated in the prospectus.

Compensation: Search Directors receive commission-based compensation with a base of $100,000, plus benefits.

Location: ALG is a national firm whose employees operate within virtual office spaces nationwide. The Search Director may work from any location with excellent internet service and access to an airport. Occasional travel is required.

How To Apply

To learn more or apply for this position, visit: 

Priority will be given to candidates who apply on or by October 29, 2022.

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