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President & CEO, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

The Organization

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) connects donors who want to make a difference in the causes they care about.  Hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses have established funds at CFSA, galvanizing grantmaking of more than $200 million since 1980. The Community Foundation Campus serves as a gathering place for hundreds of nonprofits, corporate, academic, and civic organizations.  In the last year alone, the Campus hosted more than 250 workshops and training sessions for the nonprofit community.

Position Overview

The President & CEO will be a proven leader who demonstrates a strong ability to raise community awareness and articulate the vision and direction for CFSA. This person will seek out, cultivate, and excel at building and maintaining strong and authentic donor and stakeholder relationships. The President & CEO will have success in improving communities and the lives of people within them. An appreciation for the culture of the southwest and willingness to understand the challenges and opportunities within Southern Arizona will be essential.
The President & CEO will have the skills and competencies to provide oversight for the operational and financial management of a growing organization.  The next leader will oversee management of a diverse portfolio of assets and have deep understanding of investments and knowledge of portfolio management, and skills working with investment consultants and advisors.
The President & CEO must move the Foundation forward without seeking or desiring to solve every challenge personally. A healthy and intentional reliance on staff and volunteers will be critical and a commitment to ongoing professional development of the staff team will be required to continue to build their stamina and capacity. A track record of successfully partnering with an active and participative governing board will be essential. The President & CEO will establish and maintain a climate of trust in all leadership and board-related matters and encourage active inquiry by the board and staff in pursuit of organizational effectiveness.
A history of fundraising with demonstrated ability to build relationships, mobilize and connect donors and partners, garner new funders, and develop new partnerships will be essential. This individual must understand and communicate the value of community investment and engender trust and relate to donors in a professional, honest, and caring manner.  The President & CEO will enjoy sharing the value and impact of working with CFSA, striving to widen and deepen connections across diverse communities.
This person will embrace change and be open to examining different views and ways of working together. The next leader’s vision will be informed by lived personal and professional experiences. Expertise in public policy matters and experience leveraging foundation resources to advance equity will be essential as the Foundation continues its commitment to social justice, inclusion, and economic mobility across the region.
The President & CEO will serve as the key spokesperson for CFSA and demonstrate success in reaching out to the community, participating with people of diverse backgrounds, and building rapport with those who have varying viewpoints and perspectives.
This leader will place a priority on developing and managing community initiatives, especially those that require multi-sector engagement. The successful President & CEO will seek out the opinions of the community and team members at all levels. The next leader will encourage people to speak up and seek input from the community on big-picture strategies. The President & CEO’s approach will demonstrate a commitment to sharing the credit with others. This leader will understand community investment at a high level and have demonstrated experience in working with donors, nonprofits, business, and civic leaders.
CFSA seeks to challenge and change the practices, norms, and structures that create or perpetuate past, present, and future inequities. The President & CEO will have demonstrated leadership in advancing social justice initiatives designed to address and remedy structural inequalities and inequities. The ideal candidate will have experience working with diverse communities and a reputation for honoring the knowledge and capacity of these communities to address their needs. The successful candidate will have a proven track record of tangible commitments to diversity in board and staff leadership and in strategic grantmaking.
The ideal candidate will have at least 10 years of nonprofit and/or civic leadership and philanthropic experience, with deep experience in board, executive or managerial roles in a complex organization(s) preferred. A bachelor’s degree and prior experience in foundation leadership is desired.

How To Apply

The Community Foundation for Southern Arizona is committed to a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and actively welcomes candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to lead this dynamic, philanthropic organization.
To apply, submit a current resume and letter of introduction to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at https://bit.ly/2PUKeu1 (click on the Apply button at the bottom of the page).
For more information about CFSA, visit www.cfsaz.org.

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