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Director of Philanthropic Engagement, The Partnership Funds

The Organization

The cores of the modern progressive political infrastructure emerged in 2003 when a famous PowerPoint presented by Rob Stein became a clarion call among national organizations, foundations, and the consultant class to build infrastructure to mirror the political right’s massive, coordinated network of funders, media, leadership development organizations, and networked outreach organizations. The infrastructure was designed to increase coordination, reduce duplication, and increase scale.

While the progressive movement infrastructure developed over the last decade has had significant impact, it has also faced major challenges with diversity and inclusion. TPF was created to solve these issues. Founded in 2014, TPF is, at its core, an ecosystem builder. The organization exists to support organizations rooted in, and accountable to, multi-racial and multi-class bases within states. These organizations work towards independent political power and are building critical movement ecosystems for change. Rooted in the belief that change comes from supporting organizations that are led by and draw from the lived experiences of the communities they serve, TPF bases its work on community engagement and democratic principles instead of entrenched structures and partisanship.

Position Overview

The Partnership Funds (TPF) is pleased to invite nominations and applications for the inaugural Director of Philanthropic Engagement (Director). In collaboration with the Executive Director, the Director will work to advance TPF’s impact and support the continued success of their grantees.

The Partnership Funds is a c3/c4 pooled fund focused on building independent political power. It uses pooled funding from philanthropic partners to invest in member-led organizations and networks as necessary vehicles to develop and exercise independent political power. They prioritize organizations that center the leadership and lived experiences of people most impacted by inequality and historically excluded from democratic practices. This is rooted in the belief that systemic inequalities are most effectively addressed when interventions are driven by the lived experiences and leadership of impacted communities. As such, TPF is committed to building independent political power through organizations that center the leadership and experiences of Black women, immigrants, women of color, and LGBTQ people.

Reporting to and in direct partnership with the Executive Director, the new Director will contribute to the execution of TPF’s next-stage vision internally and externally. Internally, the Director will be invited to move the organization’s vision and value proposition as set by the Executive Director, and to support the Executive Director’s efforts to grow TPF’s funder base by identifying new, sustainable, and mission-aligned sources of revenue. Externally, the Director will provide guidance to TPF’s cohort of grantees to help them grow their own bases of support and become more revenue independent as a means of building their independent political power.

TPF seeks a proven fundraiser and partnership builder with a minimum of three-to-five years of experience working with a variety of funders – particularly with high-net-worth individuals and institutional donors. The successful candidate will be an exceptional relationship builder, increasing rapport, trust, and investment across a diverse and growing community of passionate stakeholders. S/he/they will be a strong listener, communicator, and storyteller who can articulate and amplify the values, lived experiences, and lessons that demonstrate the potential and impact of the work.

The targeted salary for this position is $90,000 with competitive health care and retirement benefits. TPF has a small team that operates from New York and North Carolina, but their philanthropic partners and grantees are located throughout the United States. There is a preference, but not a requirement, that the selected candidate be located in the American Southeast.


Following the hire of Erin Dale as TPF’s second ever Executive Director in 2019, the organization updated its vision to build an ecosystem that supports the development of real independent political power rooted in community. Now, following a year in which much of their progress towards these goals was hindered by the pandemic, the organization has a number of internal and external opportunities for the new Director to shape the vision and future of TPF.

Specific areas of focus for the Director of Philanthropic Engagement Include:

Donor Identification and Cultivation

  • The new Director will identify new revenue opportunities for the organization, with a particular focus on identifying and engaging high net worth individuals (HNWIs). S/he/they will work closely with the ED to conceptualize and lead a comprehensive fund and relationship development strategy that is connected to program impact and will ensure the team has the skills, systems, and workflow tools to effectively steward donors across all areas of giving and engagement.
  • The Director will meaningfully engage with TPF’s board to capitalize on the power of historic and emerging relationships and networks.
  • The Director, in partnership with the ED, will cultivate and manage a portfolio of institutional funders generating C3 and C4 funding. S/he/they will oversee implementation of grants management and reporting.

Grantee Management and Leadership

  • The Director will work with grantees as a coach and partner to support the development of strategies for independent revenue generation and power building.
  • S/he/they will support the ED in identifying and advancing independent resource generation strategies that increase funding for movement building organizations.

Strategic Vision

  • The Director will execute and promote the set vision of the organization and help craft a message around TPF’s value proposition that is both internally and externally consistent.
  • The Director will nurture and contribute to TPF’s culture of embodied leadership on the team in which each individual is invited to bring their whole selves to this important work. This includes engaging in somatic exercises and individualized check ins to help center and align the team in a dynamic and stressful time for our world.
  • The Director will bring experience and savvy in supporting ongoing strategic and process development within the organization.


The ideal candidate will, first and foremost, be committed to TPF’s mission and intent to build the ecosystem for the organization’s partners to collaborate and coalesce around a shared vision of growing political power through increased revenue independence. S/he/they will be passionate about contributing to a cooperative model where funder and community organizations are truly partners.

While no one person will embody all the qualities enumerated below, the ideal candidate will possess many of the following professional and personal abilities, attributes, and experiences:

Foundational Requirements

  • Alignment with the Partnership Funds organizational mission and vision, including experience working with racially, culturally, and socio-economically diverse communities and demonstrated commitment to racial equity and gender justice.
  • Tenacious and flexible, with a “getting to a yes” attitude and a propensity for working through roadblocks and achieving your goals.
  • Ability to hold space for others in both personal and professional ways.
  • A self-starter who brings a learning stance and willingness to grow in the role.
  • An optimistic outlook and the humor, integrity, kindness, and patience necessary to work within a transformative environment.

Desired Strategic Competencies

  • Design’s processes and structures to build organization alignment around and drive effective execution of fundraising and community building strategy.
  • Nurtures a learning environment that continuously benefits from the perspectives of TPF’s partners, is willing to take risks, and can fail forward by learning, being agile, and accepting invitations to co-create.
  • Demonstrated ability to use quantitative and qualitative data in the construction of effective interventions and strategic and tactical decision-making.
  • Tracks areas of interest, need, and challenge in the sector and translates this into areas for development and growth for the organization. Identifies potential challenges or threats and develops plans to respond.
  • Highly relational, with a strong belief in the importance of relationship-building for success, both internally and externally.

Desired Technical Competencies, Experience, & Education

  • Experience across many facets of Development, particularly with HNWIs and institutional donors.
  • Ability to multitask and meet deadlines within designated timeframes as well as demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities; strong organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail with the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, take initiative and contribute ideas for enhancing performance.
  • High EQ, including excellent written and oral communication skills, and the ability to interact productively with the full range of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Highly relational, with a strong belief in the importance of relationship-building for success, both internally and externally. Supervisory experience preferred.
  • Bachelor’s degree, with an advanced degree in a relevant area preferred. At least three-to-five years of nonprofit development experience.

How To Apply

For more about The Partnership Funds, please visit:  www.partnershipfunds.org

This search is being led by Katherine Jacobs and Andres Marcuse-Gonzalez of NPAG. Due to the pace of this search, candidates are strongly encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Candidates may submit their cover letter, outlining their interest and qualifications, along with their resume via NPAG’s website.

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