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Evaluation Consultant, NCRP

The Organization

NCRP is seeking a seasoned evaluation consultant to provide technical support, mentorship, coaching and guidance to support effective implementation of NCRP’s Learning and Evaluation Plan. If you fit this description, we would love to hear from you.

Over the last decade, NCRP’s efforts to collect and use evaluative data have gradually expanded. Previously, the organization relied primarily on summative evaluations to inform strategic planning, with some ongoing tracking of key metrics. With the launch of its 2016 ten-year strategic framework, NCRP saw the need and value to be more systematic about tracking progress and more intentional about learning, reflecting and acting on data to make adjustments to our strategies over the next decade. For the first time NCRP has developed a learning and evaluation plan, with primary goals to:
•  Monitor progress toward strategic framework goals and be able to use information to iterate and make mid-course corrections to programs as needed.
•  Build a strong internal culture of learning and reflection, and create learning processes to inform NCRP’s work.

Position Overview

Scope of Work:  In close collaboration with Lisa Ranghelli, senior director of assessment and special projects, the consultant will undertake the following activities to support successful implementation of NCRP’s learning and evaluation plan during the first year:
Technical Support
•  Review the plan and suggest tools, methods and processes to support its implementation.
•  Provide input and feedback as needed on specific project evaluation plans and for data collection activities such as conducting surveys and interviews.
•  Help interpret evaluative results at appropriate intervals (e.g. quarterly).
Mentorship and Coaching:
• Serve as a thought partner and coach for Lisa and the learning and evaluation committee as it experiments with new processes and methods to support staff teams and projects, as well as the whole organization, to regularly collect data, make meaning of it and reflect. This includes guidance and sensitivity to issues related to intersectional racial equity as they may apply to evaluation and learning.
• Provide advice to help NCRP embed a learning culture, which includes giving attention to three dimensions of change: hearts and minds, behaviors and structures.
• As part of this role, the consultant may be called upon to help facilitate one or more learning and reflection sessions with staff to model the practice.
Qualifications and Abilities:
•  Track record of successful design and implementation of nonprofit organizational evaluations.
•  Experience providing organizational development and executive coaching, especially as it relates to creating a learning culture.
•  At least 10 years of experience working with nonprofits and foundations.
•  Demonstrated commitment to social justice and intersectional racial equity, including experience bringing equity concerns into evaluation and learning processes.
NCRP estimates the consultant will provide, on average, 1.5 days per month for 12 months to fulfill the scope of work. The consultant will be expected to begin work on this project in October 2018 and complete their role by end of September 2019.

How To Apply

Application Process:
By September 30, 2018, please include with your application, your preferred daily (eight-hour) rate for this consulting project, along with an example of a recent work product that conveys your qualifications for this role (such as a learning or evaluation plan, or a completed organizational evaluation report).

Application Link:  https://ncrp.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=29 

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