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Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) Manager, TCC Group

The Organization
Formed in 1980, TCC Group provides strategic planning, program development, evaluation and capacity building consulting services to foundations, nonprofit organizations, and corporations.  Its consulting staff includes individuals with wide-ranging expertise and experience in diverse areas of nonprofit sector activity, including education, arts and culture, community and economic development, human services, health care, children and family issues, and the environment. From offices in Philadelphia, New York City, and San Francisco, the firm works with clients nationally and, increasingly, internationally.

Position Overview
The Core Capacity Assessment Tool (CCAT) is an online product developed by TCC Group that measures a nonprofit organization’s effectiveness in relation to four core capacities—leadership, adaptive, management, and technical capacities—as well as organizational culture.  It is the only statistically validated tool of its kind and has been administered over 5,500 times.The Manager is a full-time employee who performs professional tasks related to customer support, marketing, sales, data analysis, training, and research related to the CCAT. The Manager will oversee significant changes to the actual CCAT tool, the database, customer service platform, website, and facilitator community. This employee reports directly to a Senior Consultant on TCC’s Nonprofit Strategy and Capacity Building team, and works closely with all other employees in the firm. More information on the CCAT can be found at:

The successful candidate should also share a commitment to TCC Group’s mission: “to address complex social problems by heightening our clients’ understanding of their collaborative role in society and helping them strengthen strategy, build capacity, and advance assessment and evaluative learning” to make the world a better place.

Responsibilities Administrative

The CCAT Manager’s administrative duties entail providing CCAT-specific administrative support to colleagues within TCC Group and client organizations.  Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

•Provide customer support via email and phone to hundreds of CCAT customers per month•Set up new users

•Field sales inquiries for CCAT assessments and interpretations

•Schedule CCAT-related meetings and calls•Schedule and manage online webinars including technical support

•Oversee day-to-day CCAT operations and infrastructure maintenance (e.g. managing contractors)

•Manage all interpretation training contracts


The CCAT Manager’s CCAT strategy-related duties entail managing the overall quality of the CCAT; assisting in considering opportunities to improve the CCAT, including new product development; and helping to train and support affiliated CCAT facilitators.  Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

•Train and support TCC Group consulting staff in use of CCAT

•Manage CCAT-related revenue•Manage CCAT quality control

•Plan and conduct CCAT interpretation trainings for Certified Facilitators•Provide input on short-term and long-term CCAT product strategy

•Assist in the planning and guidance of product development

•Coordinate the CCAT marketing and PR efforts with Senior Leadership and Marketing Department

•Oversee and maintain client relationships

•Administer/manage CCAT specific consulting projects•Conduct  analysis on CCAT data for marketing and research purposes

•Create CCAT-related training material for internal and external use

•Manage national community of practice of CCAT facilitators

Required Skills/Background:


•Undergraduate degree required Experience

•2-3 years prior work experience required. Experience in a related field—nonprofit sector, data analysis/management, evaluation, and/or technology—a plus

•Experience working independently and closely with a team of colleagues

•Training or consulting experience preferred

Skills and Desired Characteristics

•Analytical mindset and ability to seamlessly work and interact across many different disciplines.

•Ability to manage and prioritize work in a fast-paced environment.

•Ability to manage multiple projects at once and see them to completion.

•Enjoys working in a client-facing role, and experience working with clients in the nonprofit sector, and with diverse communities.

•Consumer of current technology with an ability to quickly understand, interface with, explain, translate, and use new technologies (e.g. survey and database software).

•Strong written and oral communication skills and interpersonal skills.

•Exceptional organizational skills and strong attention to detail.

•Intellectual curiosity, creativity and a strong desire and capacity for diversity in professional challenges.

•High level of proficiency in all Microsoft Office applications, particularly Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook.

•Prior helpdesk experience. ZenDesk a plus.

•Familiarity with survey applications. Surveymonkey a plus.

•Strong research and analytical skills, including experience with data analysis.

•Knowledge of SPSS a plus.

How To Apply
Please visit the careers section of our website at

No telephone calls, please.TCC Group is an equal opportunity employer. The firm values diversity of all types including but not limited to diversity of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic background and religion. We also value diversity in outlook and career experience. We do so because we believe that individuals should be valued for who they are and the qualities and skills they bring to the organization. We value the spectrum of perspective that comes with diversity, for this enriches our capacity to work as a team and to better serve our clients by more accurately reflecting who they are and sensitizing us to their concerns.

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