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Director of Narrative Strategy, Justice Funders

The Organization

Justice Funders (JF) is a national organization with programs that support individual, organizational, and field-wide transformation in philanthropy to achieve a just transition. JF is a partner and guide for philanthropy in reimagining practices that advance a thriving and just world. We believe that such a world cannot be achieved if institutional philanthropy is constrained by its ingrained practices that uphold the accumulation of wealth and power, while perpetuating systemic social and economic inequality. We are guided by the Just Transition principles that build political and economic power to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy.

JF is a worker self-directed non-profit organization, which means that all staff have a role and responsibility in governing the organization and stewarding its resources.

Position Overview

Justice Funders (JF) is looking to hire a Director of Narrative Strategy, whose overall responsibilities and qualifications are described below. The Director of Narrative Strategy will lead the development and implementation of JF’s narrative change and storytelling work to reimagine philanthropy’s role in supporting thriving social justice movements and to inspire transformative shifts in philanthropic practice.

The Director of Narrative Strategy will partner with our Imagination & Embodiment team, which is a collaboration effort among a small group of JF team members to communicate our work, impact, and vision with the aim of deepening engagement of those in our network as well as expand our reach. We are seeking someone with a radical imagination for how the field of philanthropy and individual philanthropic institutions can fundamentally transform in service of a Just Transition and away from current extractive economic systems and towards nourishing local, regenerative solidarity economies that build power in Black, Indigenous and all communities of color. This position will report to Co-Director, Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano.

Read a full description of the position and learn how to apply here:

How To Apply

Please follow this link for application instructions and submission form: 


1) Resume;

2) Cover letter that includes your reflections on: (a) How you would apply the Just Transition Framework in this role and (b) How you would practice Shared Leadership, Psychological Safety, and Emotional Intelligence with fellow team members; and,

3) Examples of prior work, such as: (a) Previous Communications Strategies and (b) Previous Campaigns.

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