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Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, The Colorado Trust

The Organization

The Colorado Trust

The Colorado Trust is a grantmaking foundation dedicated to ensuring all Coloradans have the opportunity to thrive. When the nonprofit PSL Healthcare Corporation was sold to a for-profit organization in 1985, the proceeds of the sale were used to create The Colorado Trust. Since then, The Colorado Trust has provided funding and resources to people and organizations across Colorado that are working to make positive changes in their communities. We work side by side with Coloradans, including people who have been left out of decision-making and are directly impacted by hardships. The Colorado Trust also provides grants and support to organizations advocating for local and statewide policies that have a positive impact on people’s well-being.

The Colorado Trust strives to maintain a diverse workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

Position Overview
The vice president & chief financial officer has responsibility for The Colorado Trust’s overall financial management, including investments, budgets, audit matters, tax matters, risk management and information technology management functions. This position is operations-oriented and process- and transaction-focused, and also involves active participation in the planning, analysis, decision-making and performance evaluation of The Colorado Trust’s endowment. The vice president & chief financial officer serves as an employee at will of The Colorado Trust.


  • Oversee and lead all financial, investment, risk and insurance management, and information technology planning and operations
  • Supervise and manage the preparation and maintenance of all financial records, reports and systems
  • Supervise and manage the preparation of capital and operating budgets and the multiyear grantmaking budget
  • Ensure the timely availability of funds for operations and grantmaking activities
  • Track and reconcile operating and grantmaking budget expenditures
  • Ensure a comprehensive system of internal controls, as well as compliance with such controls
  • Ensure compliance by The Colorado Trust and The Colorado Trust’s managers with the Internal Revenue Code and regulations thereunder
  • Supervise and manage the preparation and timely filing of reports and returns required by government agencies and other oversight entities, including those required under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and regulations thereunder, and pay any related taxes
  • Supervise and manage the preparation for all activities related to the annual audit by the independent external accountants
  • Actively monitor and evaluate the performance of The Colorado Trust’s investment portfolio and its investment managers
  • Carry out and ensure compliance with The Colorado Trust’s investment policy
  • Establish and maintain productive relationships with the investment consultant, the custodian of The Colorado Trust’s funds, its banker(s), auditors, consultants and attorneys
  • Identify, present and, with approval, execute and monitor program-related investments as part of The Colorado Trust’s grantmaking strategies, when appropriate
  • Convey timely and accurate information to the president & CEO and members of the The Colorado Trust Board of Trustees on all matters related to the financial management of The Colorado Trust
  • Provide risk and insurance management activities that protect the resources of The Colorado Trust
  • Provide leadership and supervision of the Finance & Operations staff
  • Support and advance the professional development of the Finance & Operations staff
  • Lead the strategic development and deployment of information technology at The Colorado Trust
  • Actively contribute to the development and execution of the strategic vision and plan of The Colorado Trust
  • Serve as primary staff representative to the Investment Committee, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee of The Colorado Trust Board of Trustees
  • Respond to requests for information from board members
  • Represent The Colorado Trust in a variety of settings, including as liaison to members of the business, financial and investment communities
  • Represent The Colorado Trust in financial and investment matters to other members of the local, regional and national foundation and nonprofit communities
  • Carry out such other duties as shall be assigned from time to time.

Supervisor Relationship
The person designated to provide supervision of this position and from whom the vice president & chief financial officer shall take direction in all matters relating to carrying out duties and responsibilities in this position description is the president & chief executive officer, for whom the vice president & chief financial officer is expected to be a key senior-level advisor.

Qualifications and Personal Attributes
The vice president & chief financial officer shall be a person who:

  • Holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in accounting, finance and/or related fields from accredited colleges or universities
  • Holds professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with an active license to practice from a state (preferably Colorado) of the United States of America; and/or as a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA); and/or significant professional experience at the senior executive level in these areas
  • Has the ability to manage professional staff and to manage long-term and team projects in a multitasking environment
  • Is a person able to maintain a cooperative, supportive and professional relationship with Colorado Trust staff
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of The Colorado Trust’s legal environment and tax-exempt status
  • Exhibits a facility for clear, concise, honest and forthright representation of The Colorado Trust through all forms of communication and in all forums, particular in communicating complex financial information
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of The Colorado Trust’s organizational structure and the interaction of the separate departments of the foundation (i.e., Executive; Grants; Finance & Operations; Research, Evaluation & Strategic Learning; and Communications)
  • Understands the public policy dimensions of The Colorado Trust’s work and can provide strong advocacy for The Colorado Trust’s interests
  • Possesses demonstrated leadership skills so as to invite and sustain the confidence of the board and staff of The Colorado Trust, and to promote the credibility and public image of The Colorado Trust in the community at large
  • Possesses firsthand knowledge of financial operations management at all levels, and extensive experience in the management and oversight of budget, audit, risk management, tax and reporting activities
  • Possesses substantive knowledge of investment management, including the understanding of capital markets, asset allocation, and effective due-diligence strategies
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of nonprofit accounting and tax-related laws
  • Has knowledge of and experience in information systems and technology
  • Has demonstrated experience in maintaining effective relationships with a wide variety of constituencies, including financial consultants and investment managers and advisors
  • Has an appreciation for the “big picture” of the foundation’s work, including the ability to contribute to a vision for the future
  • Maintains and protects the confidential nature of business affairs of The Colorado Trust and those with whom it has relationships
  • Has an optimistic and energetic spirit, a strong work ethic and duty concept, and a substantial personal ethical base, coupled with the desire to contribute to the fulfillment of the mission as well as the financial advancement of The Colorado Trust
  • Is committed to The Colorado Trust’s health equity vision and its mission of advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado
  • Possesses a well-developed analysis around equity, inclusion, power and systems of oppression
  • Will participate in staff trainings and other efforts intended to improve The Colorado Trust’s alignment with our values of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Note that proficiency in both English and Spanish is valued by The Colorado Trust.

$222,600-$310,000 annually. The Colorado Trust offers its employees a comprehensive and competitive benefits package, including medical and dental coverage, retirement plan, group life insurance and paid time off.

To Apply
Please apply online with Diverse Talent, the firm overseeing the candidate search for this position. Please select “VP & CFO” from the position dropdown menu at the link.

The deadline to apply for this position is 5 p.m. MST on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021.

The Colorado Trust seeks talented, team-oriented individuals, dedicated to our goal of advancing the health and well-being of the people of Colorado. Additionally, as an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome a diversity of perspectives and experiences among our staff. For more information, please visit

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