Executive Director or Co-Executive Directors, Grankmakers for Girls of Color

The Organization


Grantmakers for Girls of Color (G4GC) seeks passionate and visionary leadership from an Executive Director/Co-Executive Director Team capable of taking the helm to launch the initiative as a dynamic independent funder activist organization fiscally-sponsored by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. This is an exciting opportunity to be G4GC’s first dedicated staff with the freedom to create and bring to life a blueprint for the organization’s future identity, infrastructure and strategy.   We are seeking confident and creative leader(s) with experience building organizations, creating systems and coalescing stakeholders for action and with enthusiasm for protecting and advancing the voices and lives of girls of color. G4GC’s leadership will convene, inspire and guide a collective of funders committed to building the individual and collective power of girls of color through active collaboration of thought leaders, donors, and girls to make deep investments in the movement. All of this work is done with a philosophy grounded in the voice and unique needs of girls of color and guided by the movements that center them.   In collaboration with an experienced fiscal sponsor and an advisory committee, the Executive Director/CoExecutive Director(s) will help implement the organization’s strategic mission and vision including developing imaginative and effective programming, strategic communications, and in the near future, an equitable and thoughtful participatory grantmaking program to increase resources for girls of color.


An initial project of the NoVo Foundation, Foundation for a Just Society, Ms. Foundation for Women, The New York Women’s Foundation, Communities for Just Schools Fund and other partners, G4GC launched as an online platform in 2015. G4GC has quickly become a growing community of funders who are actively working on or are interested in efforts that address the structural inequities facing girls of color. G4GC brings together the latest research, data, news, and insights to promote collective strategizing and partnership across philanthropy; hosts an annual funder convening; connects funders to movements through webinars focused on ongoing timely issues facing girls of color; and leads research to help philanthropy better respond to the needs of girls of color. With growing momentum and potential in philanthropy it is time for G4GC to become an independent organization which will intentionally connect, engage and work to positively advance girls of color who live at the intersections of sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression which prevent their fullest potential.

G4GC envisions a world in which all girls are healthy, safe and thriving. Where each person is fully empowered to pursue their dreams and shape their desired reality on their terms, free from all structural barriers created by racism, sexism and ageism and other forms of discrimination. We recognize that girls of color hold particular vulnerabilities because of their age; and yet they also hold immense power to drive transformation because they sit at these intersections. At the same time, girls of color are often invisible across funding priorities, efforts to address policy change, and in systems and programming. We believe that investing in building the power of girls and responding to their vulnerabilities is critical to creating meaningful change with and for them, their communities, and this country.

• When we use the term “of color,” we recognize that there is not a consistent definition across all communities. Our practice is to trust partners leading the work to identify language that is honoring and inclusive. Through this initiative we will support organizations, activists, and collectives who selfidentify as “of color” and face racism, sexism, and other intersectional structural barriers.

• We focus on cis and trans adolescent girls of color as well as those who do not identify as female but experience gender-based structural harm. We recognize that the needs of trans girls are both similar and unique, and we will work to identify opportunities and support movements that center their specific power and vulnerability.

• We will prioritize support for partners that reach and center girls who are the hardest to reach, who are too often made to be invisible, marginalized, and targeted.

Position Overview


We are open to leadership in the form of an Executive Director or Co-Executive Directors. If you apply as an individual leader, please articulate how your experience and skillsets will allow you to meet all management responsibilities from programs to fiscal management to systems development. If you apply as a team, please articulate your ideas for the division of leadership and how final decisions will be seamlessly and efficiently achieved.


Core Characteristics and Skills

• Passion for the Mission A champion with a true passion for improving the lives of girls of color. They will exhibit a wideranging curiosity and interest in the needs of our diverse community and will have the skills and enthusiasm to remain at the forefront of the sector, developing new and unique opportunities to serve the mission.

• Strategic Leadership & Coalition-Building Aptitude Highly strategic and will ensure the organization meets its goal of being a convener, catalyst and leading thought partner. They will be skilled at building effective, trusting relationships and coalitions with stakeholders at multiple levels within diverse environments and with a high level of emotional intelligence. They will be a collaborator skilled at listening to and learning from girls, funders and allies; building learning communities and networks; and developing a powerful sense of shared purpose in others.

Core Responsibilities

Governance. Work with the fiscal sponsor and the advisory committee to formalize and improve processes for decision-making and operations and develop a strong and active group of advisors.  Lead the orientation and training of advisors, as needed, building excellent communication mechanisms and positive working relationships with both the fiscal sponsor and advisors in order to help them work together constructively to achieve the organization’s goals.

Strategy and Operations. Lead a process to clarify the theory of change, future strategic direction, and a sustainable model for G4GC as well as lead the implementation of that new strategic direction, ensuring adequate systems, staffing, and resources are in place to successfully deliver on the mission and goals. Over time, this position will grow a tight, yet nimble team to execute on the strategic vision of the organization including the creation of a fair and supportive employee evaluation system which ensure the professional growth and maturity of that team, ensuring maximum productivity and the realization of the organization’s vision.

External Relations & Fund Development. Working with a fund development team, this position will lead the organization in conveying its vision, mission, programs and funding priorities to both the stakeholder community and the larger public, working to diversify our income to ensure the long-term sustainability and financial viability of the organization. This position will maintain strong working relationships and partnerships with donor colleagues, nonprofits and other potential partners, and actively participating in relevant local, regional and national networks.

Fiscal Management. While the Executive Director/Co-Executive Directors will have the support and benefit of a fiscal sponsor, it is expected that they will oversee and monitor all expenditures, maintaining a full understanding of all the organization’s financial operations, and ensuring the organization remains above reproach with respect to honoring the stewardship of publicly donated funds. This includes identifying in a timely manner any overage, short-falls, or required budgetary course-corrections, if and when needed.

Communications. The organization seeks to completely shift the societal narrative around girls of color to elevate their voice, position and power while naming the systematic barriers they face. This position will be responsible for identifying and supervising the necessary experts to do this work, as well as ensure the building and shaping a powerful communication strategy for the organization which builds upon and positively advances the voices and needs of our community of girls.

Programs: In consultation with key stakeholders, the Executive Director/Co-Executive Directors will create and launch the organization’s participatory grantmaking program, standardizing and overseeing the implementation of organization’s grantmaking team, protocols, volunteer training, etc. The Executive Director/Co-Executive Directors will work to examine and assess initiatives, priorities, and policies to better respond to the organization’s philanthropic aspirations, as well as the ever-changing external conditions for girls of color. The Executive Director/Co-Executive Directors and the program team are expected to stay fully current on relevant issues, policies, political environments, and resource gaps so we might deploy assets in a way which best supports our allies in their work to serve girls of color.

Required Qualifications

• At least 10 years of leadership and/or management experience, with a successful track record in launching start-ups and/or organization or major initiative building

• Significant experience in serving the unique needs and challenges of girls across the spectrum of cisgender, transgender or gender nonbinary youth or adolescents of color in the U.S.

• A deep experience in movement building and a strong track record of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion

• A demonstrated understanding of how race, ethnicity and gender might shape experiences with power and access to opportunity, particularly in the U.S. context

• Proven success in network- or coalition-building and identifying, communicating and acting upon synergies among various stakeholders and investors/donors

• Significant experience working with and building trust-based relationships and constituencies among organizational stakeholders, donors, and investors

• Experience in leading a staff team and/or consultants in the creation of organizational systems and processes as well as in team building and successfully creating positive organizational culture

• A nuanced understanding of philanthropy and how it leverages policy, education and communications for change as developed through significant hands-on experience in the philanthropic, nonprofit, and/or social investment sectors

• Agility and ability to quickly course correct in changing or complicated political environments and communities, both internally and externally

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills

• Willingness to travel domestically (up to 50%)   Highly Preferred Qualifications

• Advanced degree in Nonprofit Management, Policy, Social Work, Anthropology, or a similar field

• Experience and/or a deep knowledge of fundraising strategies and tactics

• Experience in managing remote team members

ABOUT COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS The salary range for this position(s) is $129,000 – $200,000, commensurate with experience, plus a competitive benefits package that includes health coverage, retirement benefits, paid sick leave, vacation and holidays, tuition reimbursement, and access to professional development resources.

How To Apply


For this national leadership search, G4GC is partnering with a black woman-owned and -led strategic management consulting firm with a 25-year history of recruiting and placing highly-qualified diverse leaders in critical philanthropic and nonprofit positions: Walker and Associates Consulting. Questions and nominations can be emailed to their team at  G4GC@walkeraac.com.

Application instructions are as follows:

To Apply as an Individual, Submit as one combined PDF file:
– A Cover Letter (no more than 2 pages) highlighting your interest, relevant experience and values-alignment and detailing your vision for being able to balance all core responsibilities and fulfill required duties

– A Resume

– A List of 3 References

To Apply as a Team, Submit as one combined PDF file:
– A Cover Letter (no more than 3 pages) highlighting your combined interest, relevant experience and values-alignment and detailing your vision for partnership in sharing core responsibilities to collectively fulfill required duties

– Individual Resumes

– Individual Lists of 3 References  (If applicable, 1 of each applicant’s 3 References should be able to speak to the Team’s ability to/history of partnership)

Applications should be emailed to G4GC@walkeraac.com on or before 5:00 PM PST on Monday, December 20, 2019. Use the subject line: G4GC CEO or G4GC Co-CEOs. Note that application review begins immediately and candidates will be notified in advance of any outreach to references.

As a project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, the Grantmakers for Girls of Color is a values-based equal opportunity employer. We have a deep commitment to building transformative culture and challenging racism, sexism, homophobia and oppression in all its forms. We strongly encourage people of color, women, LGBTQ individuals, differently-abled people, formerly incarcerated people and people of any and all traditionally marginalized identities to apply. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical condition or any protected category prohibited by local, state or federal laws.

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