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Executive Director, Cookie Cart

The Organization – Cookie Cart

At Cookie Cart, we are more than just a bakery – we are a vibrant community cornerstone dedicated to empowering youth through real-world job experience and leadership opportunities. With two thriving locations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, we are deeply embedded in the local communities, collaborating with businesses, civic groups, and faith communities to foster a nurturing environment for neighborhood youth.

Position Overview

As the Executive Director of Cookie Cart, you will be at the helm of an organization that is both a heartwarming bakery and a transformative youth development program. You will lead with vision and passion, overseeing all aspects of management and administration, including external relations, financial stewardship, and team leadership. Your role is pivotal in maintaining and elevating our presence in the community, ensuring that every cookie sold translates into a brighter future for our youth.


  • Leadership and Culture:  Foster a positive, dynamic environment for our youth, staff, and volunteers. Lead with empathy and enthusiasm, ensuring a culture of growth, learning, and respect.
  • Strategic Vision and Board Collaboration: Work closely with our Board of Directors to craft and execute a strategic vision that propels Cookie Cart forward. Engage staff in the planning process, inspiring a shared commitment to our mission.
  • Fundraising and Community Engagement: Be the face of Cookie Cart, cultivating relationships with donors, partners, and the community. Drive innovative fundraising and outreach strategies to expand our impact.
  • Operational Excellence: Oversee financial management, program development, and operational efficiency. Ensure our facilities are safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning and growth.


  • A seasoned leader with executive experience in nonprofit management, operations, fundraising, or related fields.
  • Someone with a heart for youth development and a track record of working in or with youth-focused organizations.
  • A strategic thinker who can communicate and embody the vision of Cookie Cart.
  • A collaborative leader skilled in building and nurturing diverse teams.
  • An effective communicator and ambassador, comfortable in various public speaking and community engagement roles.
  • Experience in fundraising, particularly in cultivating donor relationships and innovative fundraising strategies.
  • A commitment to building a culture of accountability and support within our communities.


Below are some typical requirements for an Executive Director. We recognize that skill sets can be a complex combination of experiences. If your background does not precisely match these requirements, but you have a passion for our work, we would love to hear from you, and we recognize the value of transferable skills.

  • Relevant executive-level experience in a nonprofit or similar setting.
  • Educational background in nonprofit leadership, organizational management, social services, or a related field.
  • Proven ability in strategic planning and vision sharing.
  • Experience in building strong relationships across a diverse group of stakeholders.


Please submit no later than 9:00 pm on Sunday, January 21st. All submissions are received in the strictest confidence. We encourage and appreciate early applications: https://recruitcrm.io/apply/17005020694150037823qMP

Equity & Salary Disclosure

We believe in practices that create real equity and pay parity regardless of background or identity. We freely discuss compensation with all qualified candidates the first time we interview them. Saving the salary discussion for the first conversation allows us to understand the needs of each candidate fully and to ensure that qualified candidates, even those who’ve historically been overlooked and/or underpaid, don’t self-select out of the processes based on salary alone, as our experience and research suggest. In addition to those who opt out because they fear the salary may be out of reach for them, we equally don’t want to miss out on conversations with candidates who are slightly over the range when in some cases, the total compensation, including factors such as bonuses, flexibility, and better health benefits, etc. may exceed expectations. Finally, as a search firm, we always seek top-notch talent to introduce to our clients. Should the salary or any other requirement not be a fit, there is often a chance that someone on our team is working on another position you may be a better fit for. If you would like to discuss your qualifications for this role and salary and compensation, call us, and we’d be happy to discuss.

How To Apply

Please submit no later than 9:00 pm on Sunday, January 21st. All submissions are received in the strictest confidence. We encourage and appreciate early applications: https://recruitcrm.io/apply/17005020694150037823qMP

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