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Temporary Program Associate, Jerome Foundation

The Organization

Named for filmmaker/composer/painter Jerome Hill, the Jerome Foundation funds artists in all disciplines at early points in their careers and organizations who nurture, develop and/or produce, exhibit or publish such artists. Funding is limited to artists and organizations in Minnesota (where Jerome Hill was born) and New York City (where he spent much of his professional creative life).

The Foundation consciously embraces three core values which we strive to model in our practices as grantmakers and to support in our grantees. These are:

  • Diversity: We consciously embrace diversity in the broadest sense. We supports a diverse range of artists and organizations, including but not limited to those of diverse cultures, races, sexual identities, genders, generations, aesthetics, points of view, physical abilities and organizational missions. We support a diverse range of artistic disciplines and forms created in a variety of contexts and for different audiences.
  • Innovation and Risk: We applaud unconventional approaches to solving problems and support both artists and organizations that challenge and engage the traditional aesthetic and/or social dimensions of their respective disciplines.
  • Humility: We work for artists (rather than the reverse) and believe that artists and organizations are the best authorities to define their needs and challenges—an essential humility reflective of Jerome Hill, our founder. The artists and arts organizations we support embrace their roles as part of a larger community of artists and ctizens, and consciously work with a sense of purpose, whether aesethetic, social or both.

The Foundation currently has a full time staff of 3, including a President, a Program Director and a Grants and Program Administrator. Additional part time staff include an accountant and a Controller.

The Foundation awards approximately $4 million in grants each year. In 2020, the Board of Directors agreed to increase this grants budget by an additional $8M over four years.

For more information about the Foundation, to see its Annual Report for the most recent fiscal year, and to learn more about its programs, Staff, Board and Members, please visit our website at

Position Overview

The Jerome Foundation is seeking two part-time, temporary Program Associates (one based in Minnesota and one in New York City) to begin January 2022 and go through November 2022.

The Program Associate will primarily be a point of contact between grantees, applicants, potential applicants, and the Foundation, including coordinating and participating in Foundation-organized community meetings and webinars, assisting in coordinating the panel process, reviewing application eligibility, and preparing written materials for the Board of Directors. This will account for approximately 70% of the position’s time.

Additionally, Program Associates will be expected to attend select performances and exhibitions offered by early career artists, conducting site visits at arts organizations, and attending Foundation meetings as well as select community/philanthropic community events as assigned. This will account for approximately 30% of the position’s time.

The ideal candidate will have first-hand prior knowledge of one or more arts disciplines through at least two years as an artist, employee, Board member, consultant for a professional or community arts organization(s) dealing with the work of living artists, or candidate for a post-graduate arts degree. The candidate will also have significant connection with the Minnesota and/or New York City arts community. Recognizing the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to racial equity and diversity, the ideal candidate will have significant connection to and understanding of diverse racial communities in the appropriate geographic region, as well as deep respect and commitment to diverse communities defined by gender, sexual orientation and identity, physical ability and cultural heritage.

This position requires strong writing skills, confidence and experience in public speaking and making public presentations, an eye for precision and detail, administrative skills and active listening experience.

How To Apply

This will be an 11-month position with approximately 20 hours per week, starting January 2022. The Program Associate position may work a flexible schedule. This position is remote, though anyone based in the Twin Cities will have the option of having office space at the Jerome Foundation’s location in St. Paul. Employees are currently working remotely.

The position pays $37 per hour.

Full details (and a link to apply) are available on our website:
New York City:

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