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RFP--Capital Campaign Consultant, Boaz & Ruth Inc.

The Organization


Boaz & Ruth seeks proposals from qualified fundraising consultants to conduct a capital campaign plan toward the transformation of a
commercial building and maintenance for the remaining 10 buildings in the organization’s real estate portfolio. The project focuses on raising funds for a partially renovated commercial building designed for adaptive reuse in the City of Richmond’s north side, a historically Black neighborhood. The study should determine how much capital can realistically be raised and in what duration of time. Additionally, should the project move forward after the initial testing phase, the consultant may be asked to develop a plan outlining the cost of ongoing campaign counsel.

Organizational Background
Boaz & Ruth rebuilds lives of men and women in need of a second chance through job readiness training, economically empowers the Highland Park community through social enterprises and affordable housing, and connects community across racial, economic, and geographic divides of the city through shared experiences. Boaz & Ruth serves adults who are unemployed, underemployed or have a history of incarceration.

After an extensive strategic planning process and refining the organization’s core values of being guided by and responsive to community voice, we believe overcoming historic, systemic injustice and inequality requires intentionality.  Boaz & Ruth is committed to intentionally using our assets, voice, and agency to partner with the Highland Park community to ensure a thriving and flourishing community.
To this end we will seek equity, justice, and mercy in all we do as we work towards, and live into a refreshed clarity of focus around community development. The current estimated fundraising goal is $3 – $5 Million with a proposed opening date between July 2022 and December 2022.
The capital campaign range is broad because it has not yet been determined how much funding will be allocated to new community lead projects.

Position Overview


Outlining the Consultant’s Role

We are seeking a consultant to conduct a capital campaign study to determine the amount of capital that could reasonably be raised from private-sector donors, corporate partners, and foundations. The consultant, in coordination with Boaz & Ruth staff and capital campaign advisory board and the board of directors, would:

 Perform a fundraising assessment of the organizations’ fundraising capability to date.

 Assist in developing a compelling case for future support.

 Identify a donor list comprised of local, regional and national philanthropic donors, corporate partners and foundation prospects.

 Recommend campaign strategies for reaching new and diverse audiences and donors.

 Offer key staff and Board leadership training in capital campaign solicitation.

 Provide specific recommendations on donor recognition appropriate to this project.

 Assist with early implementation, outreach and communication about the campaign

 Conduct a feasibility study (see “Objectives” below).

Objectives of the Study

In addition to the above, the consultant’s primary deliverable is a study outlining Boaz & Ruth’s short- and long-term philanthropic goals and long-term opportunities for financial success. Specifically, the feasibility study should address the following key areas:

1. Expand potential prospect list. Develop the optimal funding mix of lead donors, major donors, private foundations, and, if necessary, direct-mail public solicitations. Identify public grant and possible tax credit sources.

2. Ascertain potential support. Through ongoing interviews and knowledge of the Capital Campaign Volunteer Committee’s capabilities, the consultant will provide a realistic estimate for potential campaign success. The consultant will determine if there are enough donor prospects, and enough prospects at different giving levels, to reach the recommended goal.

3. Set a realistic campaign goal. Currently the goal has been established as a range of $3 – $5M.

4. Determine campaign strategies. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and a prognosis for success/inability to reach recommended goal. Make proposal for successful implementation.

5. Develop a fundraising plan for soliciting individual prospects. Information developed in the confidential interviews with the consultant will be used to develop an appropriate solicitation plan, giving level(s) and fundraising schedule (including potential in-kind gifts).

6. Prepare written report/fundraising plan. The completion of the study will be a written report that synthesizes the findings from the confidential interviews, and the consultant’s recommendations for conducting a successful capital campaign.


 Campaign Plan. Develop a capital campaign plan that includes clarified goals (dollars raised, timeframe, donor distribution); milestones (date specific objectives for dollars raised, plus supporting benchmarks-volunteers recruited, prospects cultivated, solicitations), prioritized donor segments; recommended key cultivation and solicitation strategies and supporting tactics: specifications for campaign tools; budget and timeline; and recommended evaluation methods.

 Situation Analysis. Establish foundation of assets, challenges, opportunities and threats related to campaign, based on (e.g.):

 Materials review

 Infrastructure audit

 Peer competitor review/environmental scan

 Case for Support. Develop foundational document and appropriate supporting documents to guide philanthropic strategy for campaign including brand identity and presentation tool templates.

 Donor Prospect List, Volunteer Leadership Prospect List, Top Prospects for Both. Identify most promising prospects for capital campaign donors and volunteer leadership, based on (e.g.):

Review existing members/donors/prospects lists; Conduct strategy/information-sharing workshop; Wealth screening current lists; Research to uncover potential new donors; Feasibility Report & Suggested Campaign Structure. Test case/messaging, prospects (donor and leadership), campaign scope/gift pyramid with key stakeholders to measure the feasibility of conducting a successful campaign.

 Campaign Implementation Counsel. Provide strategic counsel throughout capital campaign planning, launch, implementation, evaluation, and refinement. Activities may include: driving implementation of the strategy, facilitating the most effective use of staff and volunteer resources, preparing coaching and supporting staff and volunteer solicitors, conducting direct cultivation and solicitation of prospects where appropriate, developing and/or editing proposals, updates and other campaign materials, advising on campaign communication and serving as a strategic partner to the campaign’s leadership.


Proposal Requirements

Address the following topics in a 2-5 page (or less) proposal. Please submit additional information or sample materials where relevant, including case statements, campaign collateral, and training material.

 Project understanding.

 Project approach including significant phases and deliverables. (ie: describe your feasibility study process. Include the duties you perform and those you expect to be done by the client staff or leadership. What information and recommendations will be included in the Feasibility Study Report? What components are included in the campaign plan?)

 Project timeline.

 Estimate of fees and expenses for feasibility study.

 Estimate of fees and expenses for ongoing campaign counsel, should your firm be awarded the feasibility study project.

 Firm capabilities:

 experience with similar organizations and capital campaign projects

 experience with feasibility studies and fundraising plans

 experience in the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) community

 cultural competency with an asset based mindset

 Project team. (Biographies or resumes detailing experience with similar projects, raising private funds, working in AEC community)

 References: Complete contact information of three references from the past 2-3 years.

Evaluation Requirements

 25% Quality and completeness of understanding, approach and overall proposal

 25% Quality of match between qualifications/capabilities and experience, project scope, alignment with organizational values, cultural competency and requirements

 20% Expertise of project team

 15% References

 15% Value/ROI for Budget

Estimated Schedule

 Issue Request for Proposals………………….October 26,2020

 Questions/Clarifications Due………………….November 9, 2020

 Answers Provided By…………………………..November 16, 2020

 Proposals due……………………………………November 30, 2020

 Evaluation of proposals………………………..December 1 – December 9, 2020

 Interviews conducted via Zoom with finalists…December 10 – December 18, 2020

 Announce decision and send notification…..December 23, 2020

 Begin work………………………………………. January 11, 2021

How To Apply

Boaz & Ruth reserves the right to revise the above schedule.
Questions/Clarifications Contact Megan Rollins,

Proposal Submissions Proposals are due no later than 5:00 pm on November 30, 2020.

Hard copy or electronic copy is acceptable. Please send electronic copies directlyB to 

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