Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Business Manager, Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

The Organization

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is a statewide, private, family foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for all North Carolinians.  The Foundation was established in 1936 as a memorial to Z. Smith Reynolds, the youngest son of R.J. Reynolds.  For more than 80 years, the Foundation has been engaged in forward-thinking philanthropy with contributions of $608 million in North Carolina.

Position Overview


The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation seeks a dedicated operational leader with outstanding financial skills, alignment with the Foundation’s mission, core values and commitments.  The successful candidate will possess excellent strategic and tactical expertise and demonstrate the interpersonal and communication skills necessary for ensuring accountability.


The Business Manager is responsible for the effective operational and financial management of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

Financial Management Responsibilities

  • Manage day-to-day finance-related activities.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • Effectively manage short-term investments, facilitate long-term financial planning, monitor the investment portfolio, maintain relationships with trust managers, and staff the Trustee Investment Oversight Committee.
  • Manage the annual budgeting process and develop business policies and internal controls for the Foundation’s fiscal operations. Prepare the annual operating budget for board approval.
  • Administer the grant payment process.

Operations Management

  • Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations, including, but not limited to purchases, benefit plans, contract management, and outside vendor relationships.
  • Oversee the successful implementation of adequate and cost-effective business insurance.
  • Manage the building lease relationships and maintain the office facilities.
  • Oversee the implementation of information technology systems, bringing recommendations as needed to improve Foundation operations.
  • Prepare and administer all contracts and consulting agreements.
  • Understand and apply applicable laws, policies, and workplace procedures quickly and succinctly to assure timely, consistent, and accurate compliance.

Human Resources Management

  • Effectively supervise the Foundation’s administrative staff and bookkeeper as well as manage relationships with accountants and auditors; maximize staff efficiency and ensure internal controls.
  • Oversee the Foundation’s employee benefits programs including health, dental, life insurance, retirement plan and flex plan.
  • Staff the Administration, Audit, and Sabbatical Committees.


  • Successful candidates will have a 4-year degree in business or finance or equivalent experience; an advanced degree is preferred. 10+ years of experience in business or finance is required.
  • Shares the Foundation’s core values and commitment to racial equity.
  • Excellent communication skills. Candidate must be able to clearly communicate with Board of Trustees and Foundation staff concerning financial statements, investment portfolio performance, and Foundation operations.
  • Experience with managing technology for a business entity [applications, processes, and technical requirements].
  • Ability to prepare and deliver a comprehensive budget for the Foundation.
  • Experience with financial audits and financial controls that are used to maintain the internal control environment of the Foundation.
  • Knowledge of cyber security requirements and processes needed to maintain integrity and continuity of the Foundation’s data, software, and systems.
  • Strong leadership and team-building skills.
  • Experience with organized training.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft 365, particularly Excel. Experience with creating PDFs using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Other skills and attributes needed include multitasking, being a team player, able to align operational strategies with the Foundation’s objectives, able to meet deadlines,  experience with negotiations and preparing contracts, office management as it relates to lease requirements and building services, and comfortable working under pressure, all with a  sense of humor.

The salary range is competitive, based upon the candidate’s level of knowledge, education, skill, and experience. The Foundation provides an exemplary benefits package.


  • The ability to accomplish multiple tasks, with competing deadlines, frequently under stress.
  • The ability to work with individuals of various personality types in a manner that leads to consensus and harmony in the organization.
  • Regularly required to utilize telephone and computer, often for extensive periods of time.  Sitting and standing is frequently required.  Lifting up to 10 pounds is required at times.
  • The ability to work flexible work hours, as needed.   The ability to work at the Foundation’s offices on a regular basis is required.
  • Occasionally required to walk, stoop, bend, and kneel.
  • The ability to drive is occasionally required.
  • The Foundation will make reasonable accommodations to allow qualified individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions and for religious practices and observances.

How To Apply

Armstrong McGuire & Associates, based in Raleigh, NC, is conducting this search in partnership with the Foundation’s leadership team. To apply, click on the link to the Business Manager position profile at You will see instructions for uploading your cover letter and resume. Please include three professional references and provide all requested information to be considered. In case of any technical problems, contact

The deadline for applications is July 31, 2020 with final selection scheduled for August 2020.

Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from people of all races, genders or gender identity, religions, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual preferences or expression, and regardless of age, genetics, disabilities (physical or mental), protected veteran status, or any characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws. These protections extend to all terms and conditions of employment with Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation.

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