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About is a nonprofit social enterprise and the premier organization advancing women’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in technology, envisioning a future where the people who imagine and build technology mirror the people and societies for whom they build it. The organization blends the best of community and corporate practices to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Women in Tech. Since 1987, when Dr. Anita Borg began a digital community for women in tech, the organization has connected, inspired, and guided women in computing, and the organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative, making great strides in awareness and outcomes for women in tech.

With annual revenue now in excess of $40 million and a community consisting of the leading high-profile technology organizations, seeks to transform the technology sector to achieve 50-50 gender equity by 2025. Expanding beyond its signature annual event, the Grace Hopper Celebration, the organization is positioned to deliver year-round support to women and relevant organizations, through expanding communications about the underrepresentation of women in technical roles, the importance of increasing diversity in tech, and promoting solutions to these issues.

Position Overview is seeking a Vice President of Business Development dedicated to the mission of enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, to drive and diversify the organization’s revenue generating efforts. The ideal candidate for this role will have a proven track-record in corporate tech sales and experience working with mission driven organizations, bringing a blended best practice approach of sales and fundraising to the role. The VP of Business Development will be well versed in creating unique, effective collaborations with sponsors and donors to support an ever-expanding portfolio of world-class programs. The VP will identify and foster emerging sponsorship, giving, and engagement opportunities for expansion, in areas such as the Grace Hopper Celebration, individual giving, and other community events.

In addition to being an exceptional salesperson, the VP of Business Development will display innate characteristics of humility, leadership, sound management, integrity and collaboration,  acting as a beacon of the mission both externally and internally. The VP will lead a sophisticated, high-performing team of Senior Director Business Development Executives, Account Managers and Operations Professionals to meet ambitious revenue and growth goals.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drive Revenue Generation and Diversification Efforts
    • Maintain responsibility for events sponsorships and corporate fee-for-service revenue through the Grace Hopper Celebration and related events, Innovation Lab, Corporate DEI Services, raising a minimum of $40 million annually.
    • Cultivate, strengthen, and expand relationships with new and existing partners, sponsors, and key corporate customers to advance the development of additional revenue generation opportunities throughout the year.
    • Attract philanthropic donations, social impact investing, and venture funding where appropriate to support novel programs that deepen Equity for Women in Technology in accordance with’s  strategic plan priorities.
  • Exceptional Leadership and Management Acumen
    • Lead sophisticated and high performing Business Development team of 9+, providing mentorship, development, and guidance to achieve ambitious sales targets.
    • Act as a steward of’s strategic plan, and integrate such direction within Business Development team’s goals and activities. Encourage a sense of unity across departments to identify opportunities for mutual benefit.
    • Collaborate among the Executive Team at a strategic level, to advance the organization’s success and impact, and steward change across the organization.
    • Connect with, understand, and lead team members at all levels from various backgrounds.
  • Authentic Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Demonstrate a dedication to significantly advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion at a global level, supporting women and companies to improve performance meaningfully, and for the long term.
    • Represent an authentic commitment to social justice, accountability and loyalty to the mission of the organization, and “walk the walk” of equity, diversity, and inclusion for people of all backgrounds, in both an internal and external facing capacity.

Essential Qualifications, Experience, and Attributes

  • Social Enterprise Funding Leader. You have deep experience in cultivating and deepening client relationships, and can strategically lead the organization’s sales function through a stage of significant growth.   However, you are knowledgeable of diverse sources of social enterprise funding and can seamlessly integrate philanthropy, social impact investing, venture funding and other mission-based revenue sources to sustain our financial viability without compromising our commitment to advancing Equity for Women In Technology.
  • Consummate Manager.  You have mastered motivating, organizing and managing people to maximize their work outcomes while advancing their dedication to the organization and professional development, expertly preventing and resolving staff relations conflicts with fairness, creating an environment of accountability and mutual respect.
  • Professional Character. You hold yourself to the highest degree of professionalism and represent the organization’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion in society and the workplace.
  • Team-Oriented. You enjoy engaging with others in the sales function and beyond, involving all relevant stakeholders and promoting a culture of collaboration and unity. You actively listen and communicate. You can easily connect with your team and gain their trust and respect. You are able to balance strategic work with execution.
  • Connected. You have existing relationships with corporate customers and potential partners that could partner with in various capacities.
  • Gravitas. You are engaged and engaging.  You know how to speak the language of’s key partners and customers, and can effectively influence their thinking.
  • Excellent Communicator. You have excellent presentation and contract negotiation skills, and  you can easily develop and maintain effective relationships through relevant and timely communications. You understand what it means to be accountable for outstanding customer service to all external and internal customers.
  • Mission Aligned. You have an appreciation for and understanding of’s approach of using best practices from the private sector to achieve social goals. is a non-profit organization with a business minded approach.
  • Equity Mindset. You are an exemplary thought leader in the DEI space, and are keenly aware of how your work in this space aligns with the overall strategic plan of the organization.

How To Apply

Application Instructions has retained Schaffer&Combs, a certified B Corporation, to support this high-priority search. In order to apply, please submit an updated resume and thoughtful cover letter that outlines how your skills and experiences meet the qualifications of the position to this link.

Please refrain from contacting directly; all inquiries should be directed to Schaffer&Combs at We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.

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